Designing and Implementing Medicaid Disease and Care Management Programs

Exhibit 7.1. Care management conceptual model*

Exhibit showing the care management conceptual model.  For details, please go to [D] Test Description below.

[D] Text Description

A semi-circular shape contains the words "Organizational Policies and Interventions for CM." This box surrounds a circular area. This circular area is divided into two sections. The upper section contains the word "Providers" and the lower section contains the word "Members." An arrow from this circle, labeled 1, points to two rectangular boxes. The upper rectangular box is labeled 2A, and contains the words "High Quality Clinical Care." The lower rectangular box is labeled 2B, and contains the words "Effective Self-Care." An arrow from these two rectangular boxes, points to a rectangular box, labeled 3. This rectangular box contains the words "Desirable Health and Economic Outcomes."

*Ackermann R. Evaluating statewide disease management programs. Regenstrief Institute for Healthcare. Presentation at the AHRQ Medicaid Care Management Learning Network. November 2, 2006.

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