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Articles about AHRQ's Primary Care research.

Authors: Cooper J, Clancy C
Title: Health Services Research Agenda for Clinical Preventive Services.
Publication: American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 14(4): 331-334.
Date: 1998.
Abstract: Discusses AHCPR's health services research goals for clinical preventive services in the areas of effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, quality, and access.
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Authors: Moy E, Bartman B, Clancy C, et al.
Title: Changes in Usual Sources of Medical Care Between 1987 and 1992.
Publication: Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 9(2):126-139.
Date: 1998.
Abstract: Addresses whether the decreases in the percentage of Americans (who were observed in the mid-1980s to have a usual source of care) have continued in recent years. Examines whether changes in the usual sources of care affected all Americans or were specific to particular populations.
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Authors: Clancy C, Cooper J
Title: Approaches to Primary Care: Current Realities and Future Visions.
Publication: The American Journal of Medicine, 104: 215-218.
Date: 1998 Mar.
Abstract: Provides an overview of the history and current practice patterns of general internists, family physicians, and combined medicine-pediatrics practitioners. Speculates about the possible match between current training programs, future system needs, and opportunities.
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Authors: Franks P, Clancy C
Title: Referrals of Adult Patients from Primary Care: Demographic Disparities and Their Relationship to HMO Insurance.
Publication: The Journal of Family Practice, 45(1): 47-53.
Date: 1997 Jul.
Abstract: Examines referrals by primary care physicians, based on office visits of adult patients to primary care physicians reported in the National Ambulatory Care Survey. Adjusts for patient, physician, and practice factors.
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Authors: Franks P, Clancy C, Nutting P
Title: Defining Primary Care: Empirical Analysis of the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey.
Publication: Medical Care, 35(7):ent Challenges, Future Needs.
Publication: Journal of Family Practice, 44(5): 434-438.
Date: 1997.
Abstract: Examines recent challenges/trends in primary care and health services research and how they relate to the health care system. Discusses quality measurement in primary care, research on patient preferences, studies of provider competence, infrastructure of primary care research, and future funding for primary care research.
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Authors: Lanier D, Clancy C
Title: The Changing Interface of Primary and Specialty Care.
Publication: The Journal of Family Practice, 42(3): 303-305.
Date: 1996 Mar.
Abstract: Addresses the need for data on managed care organizations and referral guidelines, the variations in referrals and in health care practices, and a set of recommendations for conducting future research.
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