The Effective Health Care Program Stakeholder Guide

Appendix B. Suggesting a Topic for Effective Health Care Research

The EHC Program researches available health care tests and treatments to determine whether there are significant advantages or disadvantages with different approaches. The results of this research can help people make better decisions about what health care they want to have, and can help clinicians and health care purchasers to focus on the best tests and treatments.

The process of identifying, selecting, and developing important research topics for research reviews or new research is a key aspect of the EHC Program. The process is enhanced by strong involvement of stakeholders, maintaining transparency and public accountability, and striving for continuous self-evaluation and improvement. The program uses an established set of criteria to guide the process of topic selection (

We would like to understand important aspects of the health care service you are interested in, including to whom it applies, what benefits or harms are of greatest interest, and the other health care services or tests with which you think it should be compared. Your answers to the questions as part of the topic nomination process will help us phrase your suggestion as one or more research questions that could be answered through AHRQ EHC products.

Nominate a Topic

To nominate a topic for research in the EHC Program, please complete the online form at and select “submit” at the end. If you prefer to submit a paper copy, instructions are available at the same Web site. If you have any supporting documents you would like to include with your nomination, you can include them (if mailing), send them as additional attachments (if Emailing), or upload them while submitting the online form.

View Topics Nominated by Others

All topic nominations, including those submitted on paper, will appear in the Read Suggested Topics for Research section (

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