Hispanic Diabetes Disparities Learning Network in Community Health Centers

Hispanics have a higher prevalence of diabetes and are disproportionately burdened with the complications and disability from diabetes. This report describes the development of a learning network project that included interventions and needs assessments at community health centers to help reduce the diabetes disparity in the Hispanic population.

Prepared for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) by Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Easton, MD under Contract No. 290-04-0009. 


Chapter 1. Introduction
   Clinic Selection Criteria
Chapter 2. Project Description
   Measures for Intervention
   Other Data to be Collected
   Data Collection Challenges
Chapter 3. Structure of Learning Network
   Learning Sessions
   Site Visits and Telephone Conference Calls
Chapter 4. Evaluation Design
   1. Clinic-Level Results for Intervention
   2. Lessons Learned in All Components of Chronic Care Model
   3. Potential for Spread in Clinics
   4. Plans and Likelihood of Regional/National Spread
   5. Lessons Learned to Improve Care of Hispanic Persons with Diabetes
   6. Lessons Learned Relevant to Other Quality Improvement Interventions
Chapter 5. Self-Management Training for Montgomery County PCC Clinics
Chapter 6. Summary
My Action Plan (English); PDF file PDF version - 36.65 KB
My Action Plan/Mi Plan de Acción (Spanish); PDF file PDF version - 36.77 KB
Spanish Chronic Disease Self-Efficacy Scale; PDF file PDF version - 50.93 KB

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