Evaluation of Health IT Tools and Resources Available at the AHRQ NRC for Health IT Web Site

Final Report

This guide introduces literacy challenges and states the importance of ensuring that health information technology addresses the needs of as many users as possible, including those with limited access to technology or limited literacy. It provides some examples of health IT specifically geared toward individuals with limited literacy, identifies principles of accessible and usable health IT, provides a list of additional resources, and includes a checklist intended to help purchasers and developers identify best practices when purchasing or designing systems that support patients, especially those who might have limited literacy or limited access to health IT.

Deliverable 8.6

Prepared for:
Vera Rosenthal, M.P.H.‎
Health IT Program
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Center for Primary Care, Prevention and Clinical Partnerships
Rockville, MD 208507

Contract No. HHSA290200900021I

Prepared by:
Jonathan S. Wald, M.D., M.P.H.
Jennifer Alexander, M.S.W., M.P.H.
Jennifer Webb, M.A.
RTI International
3040 Cornwallis Road
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709


Executive Summary
Chapter 1. Introduction
   1.1 Report Overview
   1.2 Background
   1.3 Research Questions
   1.4 Terms Used in this Report
   1.5 Background on the Guide
   1.6 State of Health Literacy and Health IT Literacy
Chapter 2. Methods
   2.1 Environmental Scan
   2.2 Expert Interviews
   2.3 Focus Groups
Chapter 3.Findings
   3.1 Findings that Address Research Question 1
   3.2 Findings that Address Research Question 2
   3.3 Findings that Address Research Questions 3 and 4
   3.4 Summary of Findings Related to the Health IT Literacy Guide
   3.5 Discussion
   3.6 Limitations of the Findings
Chapter 4. Recommendations
   4.1 Recommendations for Improving the Health IT Literacy Guide
4.2 Recommendations for How Often the Guide Should Be Updated, Where the Guide Should Be Located, and How the Recommendations Should Be Implemented
4.3 General Guidance on How to Develop Similar Tools or Resources
4.4 Recommendations Summary
   A: Accessible Health Information Technology (IT) for Populations with Limited Literacy: A Guide for Developers and Purchasers of Health IT
   B: List of Key Words
   C: AHRQ Health IT Literacy: Consent for Participation
   D: AHRQ Health IT Questions for Expert Interviews
   E: Focus Group Consent Form
   F: Attachment A—Focus Group Moderator Guide
   G: Environmental Scan Results

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Internet Citation: Evaluation of Health IT Tools and Resources Available at the AHRQ NRC for Health IT Web Site. Content last reviewed July 2013. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. https://www.ahrq.gov/research/findings/final-reports/healthitresources/index.html
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