Race, Ethnicity, and Language Data: Standardization for Health Care Quality Improvement

Table 2-1: Census 2000 Population by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity

Population Group Number
(in millions)
Percent of U.S. Population
Total Population 281.4 100
Hispanic Ethnicitya
Not Spanish, Hispanic, Latino 246.1 87.5
Spanish, Hispanic, Latino 35.2 12.5
    Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano (20.9) (7.4)
    Puerto Rican (3.4) (1.2)
    Cuban (1.3) (0.4)
    Other Hispanic (9.6) (3.4)
One Race
    White 211.4 75.1
    Black, African American, or Negro 34.7 12.3
    American Indian or Alaska Native 2.5 0.9
    Asian 10.2 3.6
    Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0.4 0.1
    Some Other Race 15.4 5.5
Two or More Races 6.8 2.4

Note: The number and percents on race in this table differ somewhat from later tables in this chapter because later tables combine persons that report a single race alone or in combination with other races (e.g., persons who are Black race alone plus multi-race persons who identify with both Black race and another race), whereas this table focuses on single-race reporting.
a Ramirez, 2004.
b Grieco and Cassidy, 2001.

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