Establishing an AHRQ Learning Collaborative, A White Paper

Appendix A. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality T32 Training Programs

  1. University of Alabama at Birmingham (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  2. Brandeis University (predoctoral)
  3. Brown University (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  4. University of California at Los Angeles/RAND (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  5. Case School of Medicine (predoctoral)
  6. University of Chicago (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  7. Weill Cornell Medical College (postdoctoral)
  8. Duke University (postdoctoral)
  9. Harvard University (predoctoral)
  10. Harvard Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship (postdoctoral)
  11. Indiana University (postdoctoral)
  12. Johns Hopkins University (predoctoral)
  13. Johns Hopkins University (postdoctoral)
  14. University of Michigan (predoctoral)
  15. University of Minnesota (predoctoral)
  16. Tufts- New England Medical Center (postdoctoral)
  17. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  18. Northwestern University ( postdoctoral)
  19. Oregon Health & Science University (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  20. University of Pennsylvania (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  21. University of Pittsburgh (postdoctoral)
  22. University of Rochester (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  23. Stanford University (postdoctoral)
  24. University of Texas Health Science Center (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  25. Vanderbilt University (postdoctoral)
  26. University of Washington (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  27. University of Wisconsin (predoctoral and postdoctoral)
  28. Yale University (predoctoral and postdoctoral)

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