Guide to Patient and Family Engagement

Exhibit 9. Strategies to Engage Patients and Families as Part of the Health Care Team

Description Who is involved Outcomes measured
Bedside rounds2,3,52,107,166-171
Patients and families participate in rounds. Orders and discharge paperwork clarified, patients / families involved in decisions Patients, families, usually multidisciplinary teams Process measures:
  • 85% of families participate in rounds.107,170
  • New information discovered from family 46% of time.52
  • Family member added 1 minute to rounding time52 vs. family-centered rounds take 20% longer.170

Outcome measures:

  • Improved patient satisfaction.2,3,166,170,171
  • Improved staff satisfaction.2,3
  • Length of stay decreased.166
Bedside change of shift172-174
Nurses conduct bedside report for change of shift Patients, families, incoming/ outgoing nurses
  • Nurses reported better ability to prioritize work.172
  • Decrease in staff time.172,174 One study noted a decrease in time over shift by 100 hours in first two pay periods.172
  • Increased nursing staff and physician satisfaction.172-174
Patient/family-activated rapid response teams175,176
Patients encouraged to use internal phone line if notable changes in patient's health or patient's concerns are not being addressed. Team responds within minutes. Patients told at admission with verbal review of guidelines. Team response includes nursing supervisor; others such as physician, unit nurse, or patient relations coordinator
  • Patients and families were favorable toward programs.175,176
  • Most calls were related to communication issues between patients and clinicians.176
Specific efforts to increase family participation57,158,177
Open visitation policy57; Presence during invasive procedures158; Patient given VIP button for family member/ friend and is considered part of care team177 Family, patient, nurses, and other providers
  • Only 3% of employees surveyed 6-month post-implementation reported that "performance had been hampered by family members"57
Access to medical records by patients and families169
Allow patients and families to access medical records or online portals for information Patients, family, provider, online access More in-depth information about electronic medical records or online portals was not included in this review

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