Evaluation of the Use of AHRQ and Other Quality Indicators

Table 3.1. Developers of Quality Indicators and Comparison with AHRQ QIs

Developer Indicators Similarities to AHRQ QIs Differences from AHRQ QIs
  • Core Measures
  • Hospital Quality Indicators
  • National standard
  • Process measures
  • Clinical data
  • Implemented through licensed vendors
The Leapfrog Group
  • Leapfrog Leaps
  • National standard
  • Some outcomes indicators
  • Collected through survey
  • Mostly structure and process measures
Institute for Healthcare Improvement
  • Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratios
  • Outcomes indicator (risk-adjusted mortality)
  • Mortality not condition-specific
  • Used in conjunction with specific quality improvement program
States (e.g., PA and CA)
  • PA Health Care Cost Containment Council Hospital Performance Report Indicators
  • CA Healthcare Quality and Analysis Division Indicators
  • Outcomes indicators
  • Administrative data
  • Uses data elements not available in administrative data in most states
  • Various
  • Administrative data
  • Some outcomes indicators
  • Methodology often not transparent

Source: RAND analysis of environmental scan results.
Note: Indicators were judged to be a "national standard" if they were described that way by any of the study's interviewees.

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