Improving the Measurement of Surgical Site Infection Risk Stratification/Outcome Detection

Appendix J. Additional Risk Factors

Table of Contents

Risk Factor Evidence Modifiable? Patient Perioperative Surgeon
Homelessness   N Y    
Insurance/Payor Source   N Y    
Anticoagulation Medication   Y   Y  
Post-Op Ambulation   Y   Y  
Liters of Fluid in OR   Y   Y  
Liters of Fluid 24 hrs Post-Op   Y   Y  
Central Line   Y   Y  
Pre-Op Hemoglobobin   Y      
Use of Stryker Suit   Y     Y
Surgeon Beard   Y     Y
Peri-Op Insulin Administration   Y   Y  
Peri-Op Proton Pump Inhibitor   Y   Y  
Peri-Op VTE Prophylaxis   Y   Y  
No. of Personnel in OR   Y   Y  
Trainee (Lowest Level) Scrubbed in OR   Y   Y  
OR Traffic   Y   Y  
Surgeon Experience (# Past 12 Months)   N     Y
Surgeon Age   N     Y
Alcohol Abuse   Y Y    
Substance Abuse   Y Y    
Use of Drain   Y   Y  
Number of Procedures   Y   Y  
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