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National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report

The National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (QDR) and the National Quality Strategy (NQS) report are the products of collaboration among agencies from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), other Federal departments, and the private sector. Many individuals guided and contributed to this effort. Without their magnanimous support, the reports would not have been possible.

Specifically, we thank:

Authors: Atlang Mompe (Lead Author-SSS), Darryl Gray (AHRQ), Alan Simon (CDC-NCHS), Kamila Mistry (AHRQ), and Michelle Roberts (AHRQ).

Primary AHRQ Staff: Richard Kronick, Sharon Arnold, Jeff Brady, Amy Helwig, Ernest Moy, Nancy Wilson, Darryl Gray, Barbara Barton, and Doreen Bonnett.

HHS Interagency Workgroup for the QDR: Girma Alemu (HRSA), Chisara N. Asomugha (CMS), Kirsten Beronio (ASPE), Nancy Breen (NCI), Miya Cain (ACF), Victoria Cargill (NIH), Steven Clauser (NCI), Wayne Duffus (CDC), Olinda Gonzalez (SAMHSA), Kirk Greenway (IHS), Chris Haffer (CMS-OMH) , Linda Harlan (NCI), Edwin Huff (CMS), Deloris Hunter (NIH), Sonja Hutchins (CDC), Ruth Katz (ASPE), Tanya Telfair LeBlanc (CDC), Shari Ling (CMS), Darlene Marcoe (ACF), Tracy Matthews (HRSA), Karen McDonnell (CMS), Curt Mueller (HRSA), Karen Nakano (CMS), Iran Naqvi (HRSA), Ann Page (ASPE), Kimberly Proctor (CMS-OMH), D.E.B Potter (ASPE), Asel Ryskulova (CDC-NCHS), Adelle Simmons (ASPE), Alan Simon (CDC-NCHS), Marsha Smith (CMS), Caroline Taplin (ASPE), Emmanuel Taylor (NCI), Sayeedha Uddin (CDC-NCHS), Nadarajen Vydelingum (NIH), Chastity Walker (CDC), Barbara Wells (NHLBI), Valerie Welsh (OASH-OMH), Tia Zeno (ASPE), and Ying Zhang (IHS).

QDR/NQS Team: Irim Azam (CQuIPS), Barbara Barton (CQuIPS), Doreen Bonnett (OCKT), Cecilia Casale (OEREP), Frances Chevarley (CFACT), Noel Eldridge (CQuIPS), Coral Ellis (BAH), Camille Fabiyi (OEREP), Zhengyi Fang (SSS), Ann Gordon (BAH), Erin Grace (CQuIPS), Darryl Gray (CQuIPS), Kevin Heslin (CDOM), Anil Koninty (SSS), Emily Mamula (BAH), Kamila Mistry (OEREP), Atlang Mompe (SSS), Ernest Moy (CQuIPS), Heather Plochman (BAH), Susan Raetzman (Truven), Michelle Roberts (CFACT), Lily Trofimovich (SSS), Yi Wang (SSS), and Nancy Wilson (CQuIPS).

HHS Data Experts: Clarice Brown (CDC-NCHS), Anjani Chandra (CDC-NCHS), Laura Cheever (HRSA), Frances Chevarley (AHRQ), Robin Cohen (CDC-NCHS), Rupali Doshi (HRSA), John Fleishman (AHRQ), Elizabeth Goldstein (CMS), Selena Gonzalez (CDC-HIV), Beth Han (SAMHSA), Haylea Hannah (CDC) , Kimberly Lochner (CMS), Marlene Matosky (HRSA), (HRSA),William Mosher (CDC-NCHS), Richard Moser (NCI), Cynthia Ogden (CDC-NCHS), Robert Pratt (CDC), Asel Ryskulova (CDC-NCHS), Alan Simon (CDC-NCHS), Alek Sripipatana (HRSA), Reda Wilson (CDC/ONDIEH/NCCDPHP), Richard Wolitski (CDC-HIV), and Xiaohong (Julia) Zhu.

Other Data Experts: Dana Auden (Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality [OFMQ]), Sarah Bell (University of Michigan), Mark Cohen (ACS NSQIP), Timothy Chrusciel (OFMQ), Sheila Eckenrode (MPSMS-Qualdigm), Melissa Fava (University of Michigan), David Grant (UCLA), Michael Halpern (American Cancer Society), Matthew Haskins (NHPCO), Clifford Ko (ACS NSQIP), Allen Ma (OFMQ), Wato Nsa (OFMQ), Nicholas Okpokho (OFMQ),.Robin Padilla (University of Michigan), Bryan Palis (NCBD, American College of Surgeons), Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, Royce Park (UCLA), William Ross (Fu Associates), Scott Stewart (OFMQ), VA National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS), Claudia Wright (Oklahoma QIO), and Yolanta Vucic (OFMQ).

Other AHRQ Contributors: Cindy Brach, Biff LeVee, Iris Mabry-Hernandez, Edwin Lomotan, Karen Migdail, Shyam Misra, Pamela Owens, Mamatha Pancholi, Larry Patton, Wendy Perry, Richard Ricciardi, Mary Rolston, and Randie Siegel.

Data Support Contractors: Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH), Fu Associates, Social & Scientific Systems (SSS), Truven Health Analytics, and Westat.

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