Appendix A

Technology Assessment: Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Post-Disc

Technology assessment on the effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions for post-discharge care in heart failure patients.

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Appendix A

Search strategy

#Search History Results
1 discharge or exp Patient Discharge/ 32632
2 case or exp Patient Care Planning/ or exp Case
3 patient 9266
4 Aftercare/ 12568
5 Continuity of Patient Care/ 20217
6 Patient Transfer/ 8094
7 Post discharg$.tw. 2180
8 Postdischarg$.tw. 2738
9 Post hospital$.tw. 1061
10 Posthospital$.tw. 1047
11Predischarg$.tw. 1810
12 Pre discharg$.tw. 496
13 Patient$ discharg$.tw. 7039
14Discharg$.ti. 24270
15 ((readmission$ or early or premature or care or medication or
destination or decision or decid$ or support$ or prepar$ or process$
or plan$ or system$) adj6 discharg$).tw.
16 or/1-15 194133
17 exp Heart Failure, Congestive/ or exp Cardiac Output, Low/ or
18 16 and 17 3660
19 limit 18 to english language 3394
20 limit 19 to “all adult (19 plus years)” 2544
21 randomized controlled 688706
22 controlled clinical 221479
23 Randomized controlled trials/ 125964
24 random allocation/ 112192
25 double-blind method/ 252902
26 single-blind method/ 27409
27 clinical 157319
28 (random$ or rct).tw. 900347
29 controlled clinical trials/ 39157
30 (clin$ adj trial$).tw. 222839
31 ((singl$ or doubl$ or trebl$ or Tripl$) adj (blind$ or
32 exp PLACEBOS/ 70143
33 placebo$.tw. 288743
34 cross-over studies/ 53318
35 evaluation studies/ 214252
36 or/21-35 2048057
37 20 and 36 684
38 animal/ not (animal/ and human/) 3078777
39 37 not 38 684
40 limit 39 to comment and (letter or editorial).pt. 1
41 limit 39 to (addresses or bibliography or biography or case
reports or congresses or consensus development conference or
consensus development conference, nih or dictionary or directory or
editorial or festschrift or government publications or interview or
lectures or legal cases or legislation or news or newspaper article
or patient education handout or periodical index)
42 39 not (40 or 41) 674
43 limit 42 to (guideline or meta analysis or practice guideline or
44 42 not 43644
45 limit 44 to yr=1990-2007 615
46 remove duplicates from 45 273


Discharge Plan data extraction/summary tables

Study Year    
UI number    
      Study design description
      Randomization method    
      Allocation concealment    
      Number of centers    
      Recruitment years    
      Duration of followup    
      Study inclusion criteria    
      Study exclusion criteria    
  Overall Intervention Controls
      N randomized      
      Mean age (SD) y      
      Males %      
      Race / Ethnicity %      
      Severity of heart failure (at index admission)   NYHA:
      Severity of heart failure (at baseline)   NYHA:
      Duration of CHF      
      History - Myocardial infarction      
      History of other CVD disease      
      ACE inhibitor use      
      Other medications      
      Duration of intervention    
      Intervention group name    
      Description of intervention
      During index hospitalization
      After discharge    
Description of comparator    
Followup times    
Statistical Analyses    
Intention to treat    
Adjusted analyses    
Outcomes description    
Primary endpoint (with definition)    
Secondary endpoint (with definition)    
Rationale for sample size    
Reasons for exclusion    
List biases    
Funding source    
Is there any difference between groups at baseline    


Discharge Plan data extraction/summary tables

  Wide Applicability:sample representative of
Medicare population in relevant setting.
Patient’s age (older adult), gender, spectrum of
disease severity and type, etc are
representative of population of interest.
  A Good quality:Prospective, no obvious biases or
reporting errors, <20% dropout, complete reporting of data.
  Moderate Applicability:sample is an important
sub-group of population of interest. Possibly
limited to a narrow or young age range, type of
disease, gender etc.
  B Fair quality:Problems with study/paper unlikely to
cause major bias..
  Narrow Applicability:sample represents only a
narrow, atypical subgroup of population of
interest, or old study.
  C Poor quality:Cannot exclude possible significant
biases. Poor methods, incomplete data, reporting
If applicability is graded narrow or moderate,
what are the limiting factors?
If Quality is rated B or C, what are the limiting factors?
(i.e., incomplete data, errors in analysis, definitions not
clear, poor follow-up, dropouts)


Summary table templates

Randomized Controlled Studies (Intervention vs. Control), For event rates

Population recruited:

Outcome Study,
No. Analyzed Control
of CHF
Event Rate Net
Interv Control Interv Control


Randomized Controlled Studies (Intervention vs. Control), For continuous measures or that provide odds/risk ratio

Population recruited:

Outcome Study,
No. Analyzed Control
of CHF
Baseline Results/Final Quality
Interv Control Metric/
Interv Control P


Text results:



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