Specifications for Effective Health Care (EHC) Publications

Ink Colors

EHC publications may print in either full process color or any combination of the four Pantone colors used by the EHC program. The Pantone colors are PMS 194 (red), PMS 370 (green), PMS 294 (blue), and PMS 7411 (orange). If printing in full process color, the Pantone colors should be converted to their CMYK equivalent.


Inks may bleed off all four edges.

Sample Products

Sample EHC products are shown.

Design Elements

EHC banner: The EHC banner should be used at the top of each publication. The banner may be full color, black or white, or in one of the four EHC Pantone colors listed on page 1. Sample banners are shown below.

Sample banners

Two sample banners are shown, one with the EHC name and logo in white on a blue background, the other in color on a white background.

EHC swoosh: The EHC swoosh can be used as a design element on the front covers and interior pages. The swoosh can be full color, one Pantone color, or a screen of a Pantone color. The swoosh can be large or small and if desired, only a portion of the swoosh can be used for design purposes. Sample swooshes and page 1 for sample designs using the swooshes are shown below.

Full-color swoosh and one-color swoosh

Two sample swooshes are shown, one a blue circular swirl with orange, red, and green triangles, the other all in pink.

EHC triangles: The EHC triangles (used in the swoosh) can be used as a design element by themselves on the front cover and interior pages. The triangles can be full color, one Pantone color, or a screen of a Pantone color. The triangles can be large or small, and if desired, only a portion of the triangles can be used for design purposes. The triangles must maintain the same proportions as the ones used in the swoosh. They can also contain photographs. Sample triangles and page 1 for sample designs using the triangles are shown below.

Sample of triangles as design elements

A sample EHC publication features a verticle blue stripe down the side of the page with with orange, red, and green triangles. Red, green, and orange squares are also used as bullets in the text.

Sample photo within triangle

A photograph of a woman is shown framed within a red triangle.


Photos may be used where appropriate and should relate to the publication topic. Photos can print in full process color or black and white. Photos can bleed off the edges or can be contained within frames to accommodate the design. Photos can also be contained within triangles as noted above.


For general marketing and other miscellaneous documents that are not part of an EHC series, use the fonts below. Separate specifications exist for EHC consumer and clinician publications. Ask your AHRQ managing editor.

  • Front cover text: 26-point Futura Bold.
  • Body text: 11-point Times New Roman with 13-point leading.
  • Level 1 heads: 12-point Futura Bold with 15-point leading.
  • Level 2 heads: 10-point Futura Bold with 13-point leading.
  • Run-in heads: 11-point Times New Roman Bold with 13-point leading (different color from the regular text).


Round, square, or triangular to match the triangles in the EHC logo.


Should be turned off.

Sample fonts and sizes

A box shows sample text: Sample Title 26-point Futura Bold. Head Level 1 12-point Futura Bold, flush left. Head Level 2 10-point Futura Bold, flush left. Body text 11-point Times New Roman with 13-point leading, flush left, ragged right, no hyphenation. Bulleted text with a round or triangular bullet, flush left, ragged right, no hyphenation. Text size 11-point Times New Roman with 13-point leading. Run-in head 11-point Times New Roman bold.


HHS and AHRQ branding logos must be placed at the bottom of the front cover. The HHS/AHRQ logos must not be stretched, cropped, or modified in any way. The branding logo should fit proportionally with the design elements on the front cover. Use black or white (reversed out) for color. A sample is shown below.

Front cover branding logo

The HHS and AHRQ logos are shown in blue.

If the EHC banner is not being used as a design element, combine it with the HHS/AHRQ logos in a horizontal or vertical placement.

Front cover branding logo with EHC banners

Two samples show the EHC logo placed to the right of the HHS and AHRQ logos.

AHRQ logo, publication number, and date must appear at bottom of back cover.

All AHRQ publications being printed for distribution from the AHRQ Clearinghouse must bear an AHRQ publication number and a date. These items normally appear at the bottom of cover four or on the last page of fact sheets and marketing materials. The AHRQ logo and publication number may be flush right or left depending on the design. The AHRQ editor will provide publication numbers to contractors. A sample of a flush left back cover is shown below.

Back cover logo

The AHRQ logo is shown above the Publication Number and date of publication.

Submitting Files to AHRQ

For draft materials going to AHRQ for content review or layout, provide Word® 2007 documents (do not provide PDF files).

For print-ready proofs to go to the Government Printing Office (GPO), provide AHRQ source files in Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign. Include fonts, logos, and any picture files (TIFs, EPS, or JPGs) with the source files.

In addition to the electronic files, a full-size color printout of each page including bleeds and crop marks and a folding dummy are required.

GPO also requires that a completed Form 952 accompany print files. This form is downloadable from the GPO Web site at http://www.gpo.gov

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