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Appendix 4-A. AHRQ Social Media Checklist for Creating New AHRQ Accounts

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Please complete the checklist when creating a new AHRQ social media account. Please complete a separate checklist for each new social media account you wish to use. Do not begin using the social media account until you receive all the required approvals.

If you would like to submit content for an already established AHRQ social media account (such as content for AHRQ’s Facebook or LinkedIn pages), please send an email with that content to socialmedia@ahrq.hhs.gov. Go to Section 4 for more information. 

Please select the PDF file (478 KB) of the social media checklist for creating new AHRQ accounts .

  1. Social Media Account Information
    1. Name of the social media tool (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.):
    2. Rationale for using this account (e.g., why use Facebook vs. Twitter vs. blog, etc.):
    3. Desired start date:
    4. End date (if applicable):
    5. Proposed account manager (must be an AHRQ staff member. List name and Office/Center):
    6. Describe the content you will post. Does this content exist already? If so, list the AHRQ Web pages where majority of existing content will come:
    7. Describe intended audience:
    8. Termination plan. This is particularly important for campaigns or specific projects.
      1. What will happen to the social media account when the project or contract ends? For example, will the social media account close at the end of the project? If no, what resources will be in place to continue?
      2. How will you notify users of this termination?
    9. Frequency of updates (e.g. daily):
    10. How will you promote this social media tool? (for example, a link on the AHRQ Web page to the tool, conference flyer, tweet, GovDelivery notice):
  2. Management Plan
    1. Who will develop new content?
    2. What is the internal clearance process for posting new content?
    3. Who will respond to comments?
  3. OC Internal Clearance (have appropriate person initial after they have reviewed the AHRQ Social Media Checklist).
    ___ Received Approval from Office/Center Director_________
    ___ Received Approval from OC _________
    ___ Send checklist to socialmedia@ahrq.hhs.gov.

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