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Appendix 4-B. YouTube Video Submission Checklist

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Download the YouTube Video Submission Questionnaire (PDF, 117 KB).

After completing and saving this questionnaire, attach it and other relevant information to an email and send it to: socialmedia@ahrq.hhs.gov.

Please suggest a title for your video:

Please keep these tips in mind:

  • Try to keep your video's title under 100 characters (including spaces) to make it easier to display; the description is the place to provide detail about the video.
  • Avoid jargon, but include a couple of keywords or the name of someone important in the video.

Give a clear, accurate description of what your video is about.

What is the highest resolution of the video? (Minimum required: 720 × 480).

If video files can’t be submitted physically or by ftp, AHRQ will establish Enhanced File Transfer accounts. To get an account, submit name, email address, and phone number to biff.levee@ahrq.hhs.gov.

All videos on AHRQ YouTube channels must have captions. Are you attaching captions in a file format supported by YouTube or as a transcript without time stamps?
___ Caption File   ___ Transcript File

In what file format (e.g., .srt) or program (e.g., Word) is it?

If the video is currently available for viewing online with a password on a private or unlisted YouTube channel, an FTP site, Vimeo, etc., provide the URL and any other information needed to view it, such as a login name and password.

All Federal videos on YouTube must also appear be on .gov Web sites. What is the .gov URL for the video?

On which AHRQ YouTube channel would you like to have your video hosted? (If "Other" please specify.)

___ AHRQHealthTV
___ AHRQespanol
___ AHRQinnovations
___ AHRQeffectiveness
___ AHRQHealthIT
___ AHRQPatientSafety
___ AHRQPrimaryCare
___ Other

Who is the AHRQ program staff contact for the video? Please provide full name, Office or Center, and phone number.

Has your Office or Center Director approved the video?
Yes   No

Who in OC has seen or is familiar with the video? Name up to three OC staff.

Does your video have music or a soundtrack?
Yes    No

If yes, provide documentation, e.g., signed licensure agreement re: usage rights, restrictions, limitations, expiration date. Attach a copy of the documentation to the submission email. If you music or soundtrack is in the public comain, or without restrictions, attach appropriate documents.

What "keywords" would you like to have associated with your video? (This field is limited to 175 characters, including spaces and commas.)

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