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Specifications for "Stay Healthy" Prevention Consumer Brochures

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Page Size

8.5 x 14.75 inches, folded twice to 3.625 x 8.5 inches.


3/8 of an inch on all four sides (.375 inches).

Sample products

The covers of four 'Stay Healthy' brochures for men and women are shown.

The cover and inside pages of a 'Stay Healthy' brochure for men in Spanish is shown.

The cover and inside pages of a 'Stay Healthy' brochure for women in Spanish is shown.

Ink Colors

English: Use full process color. Green = CMYK equivalent of PMS 375. Blue = CMYK equivalent of PMS 2915. Purple = CMYK equivalent of PMS 248. Teal = CMYK equivalent of PMS 7710.

Spanish: Use full process color. Purple = CMYK equivalent of PMS 7677. Green = CMYK equivalent of PMS 570. Yellow-green = CMYK equivalent of PMS 381. Red-purple = CMYK equivalent of PMS 7655.

This selection of colors was chosen for being midrange, consumer friendly, non-institutional, and versatile. Each combines well with the others, allowing a wide range of combinations.


The inks bleed off all four edges.

Design Elements

Use 1.5 inch (vertical height) bars in two alternate colors to introduce color and to balance layout. Design may include reversed-out text. Bleed at sides. The location of the bars changes based on text and photo locations. The bars at the top of fliers on page 1 are examples. The colors of the bars are used in bullets and headers.

Sample bar and title

The title 'Men: Stay Healthy at Any Age' appears as white text on a blue background.


Photos must bleed at edges and have no frames. Photos must be full process color. Photos must appeal to a diverse audience and represent racial end ethnic diversity. All photos must be purchased royalty free.

Interior photos: Large photos are one column width wide. Height varies depending on text flow. Small photos are 1.8125 x 1.5 inches (half column width each), and two small photos are always used side by side.

All photos bleed at either the top or bottom, depending on placement.


  • Front cover title: 32-point Futura Bold.
  • Front cover subtitle: 22-point Futura Medium.
  • Body text: 12-point Garamond with 13-point leading.
  • Level 1 heads: 16-point Futura Medium with 18-point leading.
  • Run-in heads: 12-point Garamond Bold (same color as title bar on cover).
  • URL text: 12-point Garamond (second color)
  • Pull quotes: White text reversed out of 1.5-inch color bar. Head is 13-point Futura Bold with 13-point leading, body text is 13-point Futura Oblique with 15-point leading, initial cap is 15-point Futura Oblique.


Square, using color of title bar.


Should be turned off.

Sample fonts and sizes

A box shows sample text: Front Cover Title 32-point Futura Bold. Front Cover Subtitle 22-point Futura Medium. Head Level 1 16-point Futura Medium. Body text 12-point Garamond with 13-point leading, flush left, ragged right, no hyphenation. Bulleted text with a square bullet, flush left, ragged right, no hyphenation. Text size 12-point Garamond with 13-point leading. Run-in head 12-point Garamond bold. Pull quote Head 13-point Futura Bold, body 13-point Futura Oblique with 15-point leading.


HHS, AHRQ, and USPSTF branding logos must be placed at the bottom of the front cover. The HHS/AHRQ/USPSTF logos must not be stretched, cropped, or modified in any way. The branding logos on the front cover should measure 2.75 inches across. Use black or white for color. A sample is shown below. For 50+ flyers, AARP logo may need to be added if we partner with that organization.

Front cover branding logo

The HHS and AHRQ logos are shown. The USPSTF logo appears to the right.

AHRQ logo, publication number, date, and Web site must appear at bottom of back cover.

All AHRQ publications being printed for distribution from the AHRQ Clearinghouse must bear an AHRQ publication number and a date. These items normally appear at the bottom of cover four or on the last page of fact sheets and marketing materials. The AHRQ logo and publication number may be flush right or left depending on the design. The AHRQ editor will provide publication numbers to contractors. A sample of a flush left back cover is shown below.

Back cover logo

The AHRQ logo is shown above the Publication Number and date of publication.

Submitting Files to AHRQ

For draft materials going to AHRQ for content review or layout, provide Word 2010 documents (do not provide PDF files).

For print-ready proofs to go to the Government Printing Office (GPO), provide AHRQ source files in Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign. Include fonts, logos, and any picture files (TIFs, EPS, or JPGs) with the source files.

In addition to the electronic files, a full-size color printout of each page including bleeds and crop marks and a folding dummy are required.

GPO also requires that a completed Form 952 accompany print files. This form is downloadable from the GPO Web site at http://www.gpo.gov

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