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AHRQ's tools help staff in multiple settings prevent avoidable complications of care.
Glucose Control Factsheet
Factsheet on glucose control and the prevention of surgical site infections
Estimating the Additional Hospital Inpatient Cost and Mortality Associated With Selected Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Estimating the additional hospital inpatient cost and mortality associated with selected hospital-acquired conditions


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s publications offer practical information to help a variety of health care organizations, providers, and others make care safer in all health care settings.

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All-Payer Claims Database Measure Inventory
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is undertaking activities to develop an effective and feasible approach for using all-payer claims databases to advance the goal of improving health care affordability, efficiency, and cost transparency, including developing this inventory of APCD-based measures.
Publication Date: October 2017
Publication Number: 17(18)-0022-3-EF
Compendium of U.S. Health Systems, 2016, Technical Documentation
Compendium of U.S. Health Systems, 2016, Technical Documentation summarizes the approach taken to create the list. AHRQ’s goal is to understand the factors that affect health systems’ use of patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR) and to identify best practices in disseminating and using PCOR.
Publication Date: September 2017
Publication Number: 17-0047-EF
Measurement-Powered Quality Improvement
The AHRQ QI Toolkit is both a general guide to applying improvement methods in a hospital setting and a guide to improving performance specifically using the AHRQ QIs. The toolkit serves as a “how to” for the improvement process—from the first stage of self-assessment through the final stage of ongoing monitoring.
Publication Date: September 2017
Publication Number: 17-0049
EHC Spanish Consumer Guide - Management of Gout
Esta información proviene de un informe de investigación que fue financiado por la Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Agencia para la Investigación y Calidad de la Atención Médica; AHRQ, por su sigla en inglés), una agencia del gobierno federal. Los investigadores revisaron 154 estudios de investigación acerca del tratamiento de la gota. Son los estudios sobre el tema publicados hasta marzo de 2016. Profesionales de atención médica, investigadores, expertos y público aportaron sus puntos de vista para el informe antes de su publicación.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: A1617-EHC017-B
Su guía para evitar y tratar la formación de coágulos
Los coágulos son serios. Es importante saber los señales y conseguir tratado enseguida. Esta guía describe maneras de prevenir y de tratar coágulos; síntomas; y efectos secundarios de la medicación así como cuándo ir a la sala de urgencias.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: 09­-0067-­C
Your Medicine: Be Smart. Be Safe. (with wallet card)
You can learn more about how to take medicines safely by reading this guide. It answers common questions about getting and taking medicines and has handy forms that will help you keep track of information.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: 11-0049-A
Participe más en su atención médica
Este folleto le brinda consejos que puede aplicar antes, durante y después de su cita médica, para asegurarse de que recibe la mejor atención posible.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: 10(11)-0094-B
Su medicamento: Infórmese. Evite riesgos. (Incluye tarjeta de bolsillo)
Busque la tarjeta de bolsillo en la parte de atrás para llevar un mejor control de sus medicamentos.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: 11-0049-B
EHC Consumer Guide - Management of Insomnia Disorder: A Review of the Research for Adults
Insomnia disorder is a long-term condition in which a person has trouble sleeping. Everyone has trouble sleeping every once in a while. But for people with insomnia disorder, sleep problems happen at least 3 nights each week for at least 3 months.
Publication Date: August 2017
Publication Number: A1517-EHC027-A
EHC Clinician Guide - Omega - 3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease
This is a summary of a systematic review that evaluated the recent evidence regarding the effects of omega-3 fatty acids (FAs), primarily from marine oil supplements, on clinical and selected intermediate cardiovascular (CV) outcomes (i.e., blood pressure, lipid concentrations) and the association of omega-3 FA dietary intake and biomarkers with CV outcomes. The systematic review included 147 articles published between 2000 and June 2015. Studies that analyzed levels of fish (or other food) consumption without exact quantification of omega-3 FA intake were excluded from this review. This summary is provided to assist in informed clinical decisionmaking. However, reviews of evidence should not be construed to represent clinical recommendations or guidelines.
Publication Date: July 2017
Publication Number: A17-EHC010-A


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