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Glucose Control Factsheet
Factsheet on glucose control and the prevention of surgical site infections
Estimating the Additional Hospital Inpatient Cost and Mortality Associated With Selected Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Estimating the additional hospital inpatient cost and mortality associated with selected hospital-acquired conditions


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s publications offer practical information to help a variety of health care organizations, providers, and others make care safer in all health care settings.

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Treating and Preventing C. difficile Infections - A Review of the Research for Adults
A C. difficile infection (CDI) results from a type of bacteria (or germ) called Clostridium difficile infecting your large intestine. C. difficile bacteria are common and can be found everywhere. These bacteria can be found in the air, in water, or on items such as door knobs, sinks, and countertops. Small amounts of C. difficile bacteria are even found in many people's intestines.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: A1617-EHC012-A
Appendix A. Team Roster
This template provides suggestions about roles, characteristics, and responsibilities for members of your improvement team. Develop your team and document influential and respected leaders, clinicians, frontline staff, and residents and families who will provide primary and backup support for each core team member's role.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0003-5-EF
Engaging Staff With Stories: Transcript - Sustainability Module
Carol - share stories with not only my team but with other involved facilities, such as the conference calls that we have done, has been infinitely invaluable, or infinitely valuable.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0019-2-EF
EHC Spanish Consumer Guide - Tratamiento para la incontinencia fecal
Investigadores financiados por la Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (Agencia para la Investigación y la Calidad de la Atención Médica; AHRQ, por su sigla en inglés), una agencia de investigación del gobierno federal, revisaron estudios sobre el tratamiento de la incontinencia fecal publicados entre 1980 y junio de 2015. El informe incluyó 63 estudios que compararon un tratamiento con otro y 53 dedicados exclusivamente a la cirugía para tratar la FI. El informe fue revisado por profesionales de atención médica, investigadores, expertos y el público.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: A1517-EHC037-B
Sustainability Tool - Sustainability Module
This tool can be used to identify sustainability issues in planning and implementing your improvement efforts.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0019-2-EF
Sample “Plan-Do-Study-Act” Form
Develop management practices to sustain the use of surgical checklist and related communication behaviors in order to reduce harm to patients at [Name of Site]
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0019-4-EF
EHC Spanish Consumer Guide - Comparacion entre la psicoterapia y otros tratamientos para la depression con los medicamentos antidepresivos
La depresión es una enfermedad que afecta al cerebro. La depresión no es lo mismo que sentirse triste o desanimado durante unos días. Cuando se tiene depresión, se pueden tener síntomas casi todos los días. La persona puede estar triste, con falta de energía o sentirse cansada la mayor parte del tiempo. Puede perder las ganas de hacer cosas que antes disfrutaba.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: A1517-EHC031-B
Material Use Guide - Sustainability Module
Toolkit materials are designed to be modified and customized. Here are suggestions for time-conscious ways to use this module. Feel free to use these suggestions or come up with your own approach to implementing the module.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0019-2-EF
Recognizing and Celebrating Success: Transcript - Sustainability Module
Stephanie shared her some great success stories, and during our meetings we would ask if anyone had some success stories with using the checklist.
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 16(17)-0019-2-EF
Labor and Delivery Unit Safety: Safe Cesarean Section
This tool describes the key perinatal safety elements related to safe cesarean section. The key elements are presented within the framework of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP).
Publication Date: May 2017
Publication Number: 17-0003-21-EF