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Glucose Control Factsheet
Factsheet on glucose control and the prevention of surgical site infections
Estimating the Additional Hospital Inpatient Cost and Mortality Associated With Selected Hospital-Acquired Conditions
Estimating the additional hospital inpatient cost and mortality associated with selected hospital-acquired conditions


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s publications offer practical information to help a variety of health care organizations, providers, and others make care safer in all health care settings.

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EHC Consumer Guide - Medicines to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder
Researchers funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a Federal Government research agency, reviewed studies on medicines to treat alcohol dependence and alcohol use disorder published between January 1970 and October 2013. The report included 135 studies and was reviewed by health care professionals, researchers, experts, and the public. You can read the report at www.effectivehealthcare.ahrq.gov/alcohol-disorder.
Publication Date: February 2016
Publication Number: A1416-EHC029-A
Action Planning Tool for the AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture
This tool was designed primarily for users of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Surveys on Patient Safety Culture. The tool is intended for use after your organization administers the survey and analyzes the results. It provides step-by-step guidance to help survey users develop an action plan to improve patient safety culture.
Publication Date: December 2015
Publication Number: 16-0008-EF
This document provides preliminary estimates for 2014 on hospital-acquired conditions (HACs), indicating a 17 percent decline, from 145 to 121 HACs per 1,000 discharges, from 2010 to 2014. A cumulative total of 2.1 million fewer HACs were experienced by hospital patients in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 relative to the number of HACs that would have occurred if rates had remained steady at the 2010 level. Approximately 87,000 fewer patients died in the hospital as a result of the reduction in HACs, and approximately $19.8 billion in health care costs were saved from 2010 to 2014.
Publication Date: November 2015
Publication Number: 16-0009-EF
Preventing CAUTI in the ICU Setting: Facilitator’s Guide
Catheter-associated urinary tract infections, or CAUTI, are a large problem in health care, accounting for 75 percent of the 560,000 total urinary tract infections that patients develop every year from hospital stays.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publication Number: 15-0073-4-EF
Final Report on 2013 Hospital-Acquired Condition Rate.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publication Number: 16-0006-EF
National Evaluation of the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program: Final Project Report
This Final Project Report, prepared by Mathematica Policy Research, presents an overview of all evaluation products, a synthesis of select findings from the National Evaluation, observations on the grant program itself, and lessons learned in conducting the evaluation.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publication Number: 16-0007-EF
Estimating the Costs of Primary Care Transformation: A Practical Guide and Synthesis Report
This Practical Guide was developed based on the experiences and lessons learned from the 15 AHRQ Estimating Costs grants. Final reports for these grants were reviewed when available. In addition, telephone interviews were conducted with each principal investigator in February and March 2015.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publication Number: 15-0066-3-EF
A Study of the Patient-Centered Medical Home: Lessons From a New York State Community Health Center
This project included 14 FQHCs belonging to the Institute for Family Health network. The majority of the practices had four to eight primary care clinicians, though some two-provider practices and large training sites were also included.
Publication Date: October 2015
Publication Number: 15-0038-13-EF
Pastillas que diluyen la sangre
Blood thinner pills - a guide to using them safely in Spanish.
Publication Date: September 2015
Publication Number: 15-0047-C
Key Lessons from the National Evaluation of the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program
This summary, which draws from products produced throughout the evaluation, highlights program objectives, the strategies States used, and the lessons learned. To illustrate some of the lessons learned, this summary also includes short descriptions of selected activities implemented by the CHIPRA quality demonstration States.
Publication Date: September 2015
Publication Number: 15-0071


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