Search for Information

To perform a search, please use key words based on the information being sought.


Quick Tips:

  • Keep your search simple—use only a few distinct search words.
  • Leave out common words (the, of, to, for).
    • Omit single digits or letters.
    • If you need to use a common word, put a plus sign (+) in front of it or use it in a phrase, enclosing the entire phrase in quotation marks. 
    • Examples: 
      • type +2 diabetes
      • "trip ii"
  • Narrow your search:
    • Use quotation marks to find exact phrases. 
      • Example: "children's health"
    • Exclude specific terms by using a minus sign (-) in front of the term. 
      • Example: meps data -analysis
  • Broaden your search:
    • Use "OR" between key words to find all references to one or both key words (OR must be capitalized here). 
    • Examples:
      • ulcer OR sore
      • "health care cost" OR expenditure OR payment

The AHRQ Web site uses a dedicated Google search engine to locate items of interest on the site. Use the search text box located in the heading of every page to search for results across the entire AHRQ Web site. Begin any search by entering your desired search term(s) into the Search AHRQ box and press Enter on your keyboard or click the Search icon.

You may wish to go directly to the Advanced search page where you can specify options for search term frequency, language, output format, and sorting.

For a complete list of search tips, including a list of Advanced Search Operators, go to

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