Your Project Checklist

The checklists below are designed to help you use TalkingQuality to plan and manage your quality reporting project.

  • Share them with your team as you work through the process of planning and implementing your project.
  • Save the Word versions of these checklists to your computer so you can use them to keep track of what you know, what you need to find out, what you have done, and what you want to do.

Checklist for "Plan a Health Care Quality Report for Consumers" (PDF, 239 KB)
Download in Word, 181KB
This section walks you through the process of planning a consumer reporting project. It is intended to help report sponsors produce a report that is feasible, sustainable, and meets the audience's needs.

Checklist for "Translate Health Care Quality Data Into Usable Information" (PDF, 196KB)
Download in Word 128KB
This section reviews various strategies for turning data into information that is engaging, understandable, and useful.

Checklist for "Explain and Motivate Use of Health Care Quality Reports" (PDF, 161KB)
Download in Word, 52KB
This section suggests ways to explain the content and purpose of a quality report and to motivate people to use the information.

Checklist for "Distribute Your Health Care Quality Report to Consumers" (PDF, 152KB)
Download in Word, 69KB
This section discusses how to ensure that your report reaches your target audience.

Checklist for "Promote Your Health Care Quality Report to Consumers" (PDF, 164KB)
Download in Word, 71KB
This section discusses how to create and sustain interest in your quality report.

Checklist for "Assess Your Health Care Quality Reporting Project" (PDF, 206KB)
Download in Word, 86KB
This section discusses ways to assess the effectiveness of your report card and suggests how to use the lessons you learn.

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