TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Online Master Trainer Registration

TeamSTEPPS training is offered as an online course covering the TeamSTEPPS 2.0 core curriculum.

TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Online Master Trainer Course

TeamSTEPPS® is an evidence-based teamwork program aimed at optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork skills among health care professionals. The TeamSTEPPS 2.0 curriculum is designed to help health care leaders develop and deploy a customized plan to train their staff in teamwork skills. Organizations report improvements after implementing TeamSTEPPS; visit our Impact Case Studies to learn more.

We will continue focusing our efforts on research and development of additional curricula and materials and supporting new ways of learning, such as our online training and mobile app. In 2017, AHRQ's TeamSTEPPS program transitioned from in-person to online training due to the growth of organizations in the private sector offering in-person training. While we no longer offer in-person TeamSTEPPS training, AHRQ offers ready-to-use curricula, including the core curriculum, as well as specialty modules for office-based care providers, long-term care settings, and rapid response teams. In addition, the TeamSTEPPS Pocket Guide is available through our mobile app.

Note: The Winter 2018 Cohort was the final opportunity to earn a Master Trainer Certificate in the 2.0 Core Curriculum course through AHRQ. We are no longer offering learners the opportunity to earn a Master Trainer Certificate in the 2.0 curriculum. As such, enrollment into the 2.0 Prework Course has been closed. For individuals still interested in the TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Curriculum, AHRQ is continuing to offer the accredited 2.0 Core Curriculum individual modules. The individual modules are self-enroll and self-paced and provide continuing education credits for each completed module, but you will not be able to earn a Master Trainer Certificate. To register for modules, please go to

Preparation and Registration for TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Online

We encourage potential master trainers to review the readiness assessment checklist to determine if this is the right time in their professional careers to begin implementation of the TeamSTEPPS initiative.

Access the TeamSTEPPS 2.0 Online Master Trainer course Learning Management System.

Course Content and Requirements

The course activities include 11 modules, 3 webinars, and a requirement to teach a module to at least one current master trainer as a demonstration of competency in replicating the material with learners. Activities may be completed in as few as 33 days but no more than 120 days.

Professionals whose goal is to earn a master trainer certificate and share their knowledge with colleagues need to create a change team, submit a draft change plan, and write a letter of commitment prior to enrolling in an online course. Professionals who want to take individual modules may do so and will earn free continuing education credits based on the amount of work completed.

Guidelines for Use of Official TeamSTEPPS Materials

Master trainers are encouraged to share their knowledge with colleagues and to use official TeamSTEPPS materials as follows:

  • Include the registered trademark symbol (®), as shown above.
  • Retain the content without any major substantive changes to the text or tools. For example, TeamSTEPPS includes a tool called CUS, which is an acronym for "Concerned," "Uncomfortable," and "Safety Issue." This content must remain the same (no changes to letters or words) for your training to use the TeamSTEPPS name.

Customizing the materials for your organization is permissible. You may make the following changes and still use the TeamSTEPPS name:

  • Modify examples and case studies, which are provided as teaching tools, to reflect your organization's experience.
  • Add your organization's name and logo.
  • Change images to include scenes from your work or other appropriate images.
  • Translate the curriculum into another language or change spelling to British English.

In addition, citation of the source is appreciated. Include as a footnote: TeamSTEPPS was developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. For more information, visit

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