TeamSTEPPS Rapid Response Systems Module

TeamSTEPPS is a teamwork system developed jointly by the Department of Defense (DoD)and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) to improve institutional collaboration and communication relating to patient safety.

Several organizations have collaborated to design, pilot, and further refine TeamSTEPPS™ to make it available for all healthcare organizations. Many individuals contributed a great deal of their time and expertise to the development of the TeamSTEPPS Rapid Response System Instructor Guide and its accompanying wealth of materials by developing an evidence-based framework, providing validated measurement tools, incorporating adult-learning methodologies and medical illustrations, reviewing content or making recommendations about the style, identity, terminology, design, and format. For their expert input to this curriculum, we would like to thank:

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
James B. Battles, Ph.D.
Amy Helwig, M.D.
Ellen Crown
Jennifer Felsher
Karen Fleming-Michael
Michael Giangrasso
Joyce Middleton

Department of Defense (DoD) Patient Safety Program
Heidi B. King, M.S.
Mary Salisbury, R.N., M.S.N.
Sandra Almeida, M.D., M.P.H.

American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Contract to AIR with AHRQ, Contract # HHSA290200600019I
David Baker, Ph.D.
Alexander Alonso, Ph.D.
Catherine Porter
Deborah Milne, R.N., M.P.A.

The Mayo Clinic
Nicola Schiebel, M.D.
Jennifer Elmer, R.N., N.E.S.

Duke University Medical Center
Karen Frush, B.S.N., M.D., Chief Patient Safety Officer
Laura Maynard, M.Div.
Pamela Bivens, M.A.

Carilion Clinic
Anthony Slonim, M.D.
Misty Flinchum, R.N.
James Franko, M.D.
Charlotte Hubbard, R.N.

Creighton University
Robert McQuillan, M.D.

Delmarva Foundation for Medical Care, Inc
Subcontract Delmarva Knowledge Transfer Contract with AIR, Contract #DE02434.001
Margaret Toth, M.D.
Inga Adams-Pizarro, M.P.H.
David W. Morrell, M.S.
ZeAmma Walker, M.H.S.A.

University of Pittsburgh
Michael A. DeVita, M.D.

Johns Hopkins University Medical Center
Peter Pronovost, M.D.
Brad Winters, M.D.

University of Central Florida
Eduardo Salas, Ph.D.

We would also like to thank everyone who participated with the content development and production, product edits, technical design and reviews not listed above, to include:

Washington Hospital Center
Patricia McCabe, R.N.
Christine M. Keenan, M.D.

DoD Staff from Various Facilities
Tripler Army Medical Center

Contrast Productions
Todd Johnson
Tim Travitz
Kathleen McDonald
Kerry Espinola

Filming Locations
Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center

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