Slide 37. Results

The Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator

Slide presentation describes the Asthma Care Return-on-Investment Calculator.

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This slide contains a table entitled "Results of the AHRQ Asthma Return on Investment Calculator for Care Management," which displays the following information:

This page summarizes the assumptions you made in the calculator and shows the impact of the asthma program. Results for other choices you may have made in this session and exported to Excel are on other tabs of this spreadsheet.

Choices Made:

  • Population type: Medicaid
  • Geographic location: Nation
  • Asthma definition: All asthma
  • Adults and/or children: Adults and Children
  • Estimated persons with asthma: 3,816,893
  • Percent who will participate: 25.00
  • Estimated program participants: 954,223
  • Annual program cost per participant: $421.86
  • Years the program operates: 5
  • Program phase-in period (years): 2
  • Discount rate for NPV and ROI: 3.00
  • Display totals or per participant: Show averages per participant
  • Include productivity gains: Savings and Productivity


Health Care Savings: $42.60

  • Emergency department visits: 14.69 percent
  • Hospital confinements: 924.86 percent
  • Outpatient visits: 37.59 percent
  • Asthma-specific ancillary services: 177.60 percent
  • Asthma medications: -1054.74 percent

Productivity gains: $1,813.23

  • Productivity for adults: 75.52 percent
  • Productivity for children: 24.48 percent

Program Cost over Years Program Operates: $1,932.00

Overall Impact of Program:

  • Net Present Value (NPV): -$76.16
  • Return on Investment (ROI): $0.96
  • Break-Even Program Impact: -13.00 percent
  • Break-Even Program Cost: $405.23


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