2009 State Snapshots

Slide Presentation

On August 10, 2010, Ernie Moy and Rosanna Coffey made a presentation in a Webinar entitled 2009 State Snapshots. This is the text version of the event's slide presentation.


  1. 2009 State Snapshots
  2. Plan for Today's Web Conference
  3. Today's Presenters
  4. National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report: State Snapshots Tool
  5. AHRQ Mission and Niche
  6. Origins of NHQR and NHDR
  7. Reporting Assumptions and Tradeoffs
  8. NHQR and NHDR Organization
  9. Track 250 Measures From ~40 Databases
  10. Companionship Between NHQR and NHDR
  11. 2009 NHQR Preliminary Findings
  12. 2009 NHQR Preliminary Findings
  13. 2009 NHQR Preliminary Findings
  14. Reports ≠ Better Health Care
  15. Using QRDR To Facilitate Change
  16. State Snapshots
  17. State Snapshots Performance Meters
  18. State Snapshots Performance Meters
  19. 2009 State Snapshots Web Site Demonstration
  20. Demo of Web Site
  21. State Snapshots Home Page
  22. Select a State: ND
  23. State Dashboard
  24. Overall Health Care Quality: Performance Meter
  25. Overall Health Care Quality: Data Tables
  26. Strongest and Weakest Measures
  27. Types of Care: Preventive Care
  28. Additional Resources
  29. Settings of Care: Hospital Care
  30. Care by Clinical Area: Cancer
  31. Select a State: FL
  32. Focus on Diabetes: Prevalence
  33. Focus on Asthma: Quality Improvement
  34. Focus on Healthy People 2010
  35. Focus on Clinical Preventive Services
  36. Focus on Disparities: All Races
  37. Focus on Disparities: Blacks (Non-Hispanic)
  38. Focus on Payer
  39. Focus on Payer: All Payers
  40. Focus on Payer: Privately Insured
  41. Focus on Payer: Medicaid
  42. Focus on Variation Over Time: Adult Graphs
  43. Focus on Variation Over Time: Adult Data Table
  44. Focus on Variation Over Time: Adult Acute All States
  45. Contact Information
Current as of August 2010
Internet Citation: 2009 State Snapshots: Slide Presentation. August 2010. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. http://www.ahrq.gov/cpi/centers/ockt/kt/webinars/snapshots/index.html