Noncompeting Application Requirements

Multiyear Grant Support

Noncompeting Application Requirements

Multiyear grant applications selected for funding by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) are funded in yearly increments based on the needs articulated in the competing application and as approved by the Agency. Continued support after the first year requires the annual submission of a noncompeting continuation application.


 Application Contents
 Date of Submission
 Where to Send the Application


Continuation applications (except fellowships) are submitted using the PHS 2590 form available at:

Fellowship recipients should use form PHS 416-9 available at:

Form pages are fillable and can be printed for submission. AHRQ does not currently accept electronic applications.

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Application Contents

  1. AHRQ does not utilize the Streamlined Noncompeting Application Process (SNAP) as described in the PHS 2590 Instructions, Section II.A. You must submit a complete application, including:
    1. Budget, as described in Section II.B (subsections 1-8), including separate budget pages for any 3rd parties.
    2. Budget justification, as appropriate.
    3. Form page 3 (see item 4 below).
    4. Other support for key personnel.
    5. Progress report.
    6. Checklist.

  2. The total cost budget requested should not exceed that which is listed on the current Notice of Grant Award for the upcoming budget period. Follow the PHS 2590 instructions when preparing the budget.

  3. For To-Be-Named (TBN) position(s) in the upcoming budget period that were also To-Be-Named in the application for the current budget period, provide the following:
    1. The reason the position remains unfilled.
    2. The impact on the project of the continued vacancy.
    3. The anticipated date the position will be filled.

    AHRQ may adjust the level of funding if a TBN position remains unfilled.

  4. Information concerning the level of unexpended funds is critical to the review of the continuation application and funding decision; include an estimated cumulative total cost dollar amount regardless of whether the anticipated percentage of unexpended funds is over or under 25 percent. Consider this issue carefully in consultation with your accounting office. Statements in the application about the estimated unobligated balance should not differ significantly from actual expenditures shown on the Financial Status Report submitted after the end of the current budget period. Note that funds are available for expenditure only in the year in which they are awarded or, if carried over, in the immediately succeeding budget period.

  5. At the time of application, make every attempt to include IRB certification that is within 12 months of the upcoming budget period start date. This may require rescheduling IRB review, but it is important in order that the award is not delayed.

  6. Follow the PHS 2590 (disregard the two page limit) or 416-9 instructions in preparing the progress report. Consult with your project officer if there are any questions about what should be included in the progress report.

  7. If the current grant is based upon a competing application that was submitted on or after October 1, 2003, it is required that the progress report include information regarding progress related to the inclusion of AHRQ priority populations ( see for AHRQ's Policy on the Inclusion of Priority Populations in Research). AHRQ program staff will monitor inclusion of priority populations in the project, including the extent to which actual recruitment and retention of subjects is consistent with the recruitment plan proposed in the initial grant application. If recruitment is lower than expected, discuss steps to be taken to reach the anticipated recruitment levels. There is no pre-specified format for this report, though a narrative accompanied by a table showing anticipated vs. actual recruitment may be appropriate. Please clearly label this section of the progress report.

  8. If the total cost figure for the upcoming budget period includes funds for a minority supplement, there must be a separate budget page, budget justification, and progress report for these funds.

  9. Grantees submitting noncompeting T32 applications should consult their AHRQ program official for additional special requirements.

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Date of Submission

All Grants, Except T32

To ensure a timely award, the continuation application should be submitted to AHRQ according to the following schedule:

  • If the start date of the next funding period is between October 1 and April 2: Receipt date is 2 months before the start date (e.g., if funding for the next budget period is to begin on March 1, submit your application by January 1).
  • If the start date of the next funding period is between April 2 and September 30: Receipt date is 4 months before the start date (e.g., if funding for the next budget period is to begin July 1, submit your application by March 1).

Late applications will jeopardize continued funding.

T32 Grants

Grantees submitting noncompeting T32 applications should consult their AHRQ program official for timing of submission.

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Where to Send the Application

The original and two copies of the completed and signed application and supporting materials should be submitted to:

Grants Management Officer
OPART/Grants Management
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
540 Gaither Road
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 427-1447

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If you have any questions, do not hesitate to telephone the Grants Management Specialist or the Project Officer assigned to your grant as listed on the current Notice of Grant Award.

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