AHCP Template for Manual Creation: English-Speaking Patients

Re-Engineered Discharge (RED) Toolkit

This template is available for download in two formats:

** Bring this Plan to ALL Appointments**

After Hospital Care Plan for: [patient name]

[Patient name]

Discharge Date: [discharge date]

Question or Problem about this Packet? Call your Discharge Educator: (xxx) xxx-xxxx DE PHOTO HERE

Serious health problem? Call Dr. __________________: (xxx) xxx-xxxx PCP PHOTO HERE

EACH DAY follow this schedule:


What time of day
do I take this
Why am I taking this medicine?Medicine name
How many do I take?How do I take this medicine?
Image of the sun.
Image of a clock with both hands pointing directly up.
Image of a crescent moon.
Image of a bed.
Only if you need it for    
Only if you need it for    

** Bring this Plan to ALL Appointments**
[Insert Patient Name]

What is my main medical problem?

[Insert Primary diagnosis]

When are my appointments?

Date/time of appt  
Provider name  
Provider site information  
Reason for appt  
Provider phone number  

What exercises are good for me?

Default (if applicable):

[Walking is a very healthy form of exercise. Please do your best to walk for at least 20 minutes everyday.]

What should I eat?

Default (if applicable):

[Eating food that is low in fat and low in cholesterol will help you stay healthy.]

What are my medicine allergies?

REMEMBER you are allergic to [list medicine allergies].

Where is my pharmacy?

[Insert pharmacy name, location, contact information]

{If applicable, include:}

TRY TO QUIT SMOKING: call [contact information]

Questions / Concerns

For my appointment with
[PCP Name]

Check the box and write notes to remember what to talk about with Dr. [PCP name]

I have questions about:

___ My medicines ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

___ My pain _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

___ Feeling stressed _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

What other questions do you have? ___________________________________________________________________________________________



Dr. [PCP Name]:

When I left the hospital, results from some tests were not available. Please check for results of these tests: [List tests done]

___ I am having trouble with the stairs in my house.
___ Someone I live with smokes.
___ I feel stressed or overwhelmed.
___ I am having trouble getting food.
___ There are other things going on in my life that are affecting my health.

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