Table 13F: HCBS Population Ages 18-64 Without I/DD or SMI

Assessing the Health and Welfare of the HCBS Population

Table 13: Outcome Indicators by Key Attributes of State Medicaid and Long-Term Care Environment, 2005a

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Outcome IndicatorNo Medically Needy ProgramMore Restrictive Eligibility CriteriaLess Restrictive Eligibility CriteriaNursing Home Level of Care Eligibility Criteria for HCBSPercentage of State LTC Funds Spent on HCBS
Short-Term Complications of Diabetes8676594811,192571476522801
Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease6,0884,7554,4255,2684,7063,8684,2555,928
Congestive Heart Failure5,4455,3724,6635,8425,1034,4054,3416,316
Composite: Potentially Preventable Infection8,7527,6325,6957,4517,8335,7975,9208,912
    Bacterial Pneumonia4,8994,1253,4954,1164,2483,5643,5434,804
    Urinary Tract Infection3,8533,5072,1993,3353,5862,2332,3774,108
Infection Due to Device or Implant2,0581,9871,3672,0931,8531,4071,4812,174
Composite: ACSC Chronic Conditions17,24915,26513,11817,49914,62912,00612,79118,023
Composite: ACSC Acute Conditions7,8426,4624,9166,4116,7615,0535,1877,598
Composite: ACSC Overall25,08821,72618,03323,91021,38817,05917,97725,619
Pressure Ulcer6,1806,0293,2395,5376,1913,0673,6366,965
Injurious Falls198133110142163103113176


ACSC = ambulatory care-sensitive condition; HCBS = home and community-based services; I/DD = intellectual and development disabilities; SMI = serious mental illness; LTC = long-term care.

a. All outcome indicators expressed as potentially avoidable hospital stays per 100,000 persons in the HCBS population. HCBS population for outcome indicators excludes: individuals under age 18; people with only institutional use in a given quarter; people on managed care plans; and persons in the States of Arizona, Maine, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Dually eligible = dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare. Eligibility for Medicare defined as inclusion in Medicare denominator file.

Medicaid only = part of Medicaid HCBS population but not enrolled in Medicare.

HCBS subpopulations of I/DD, SMI, Under 65 Without I/DD or SMI, and 65+ are defined as in the Appendix .

Median is defined as the value at which half of States are below and half of States are above.

Source for Outcome Indicators: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Medicaid Analytic eXtract (MAX) data, and Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MedPAR) data.

Sources for column heading data are described in the Appendix .

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