The Health Information Technology Portfolio


The mission of AHRQ’s Health Information Technology (IT) Portfolio is to develop and disseminate evidence and evidence-based tools to inform policy and practice on how health IT can improve the quality of American health care.

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AHRQ's Health IT Portfolio develops and disseminates evidence and evidence-based tools about the impact of health IT on health care quality. To accomplish this, the Portfolio—

  • Anticipates the future needs of the health care system and supports development of innovative health IT solutions.
  • Identifies and fills current gaps in knowledge about health IT.
  • Leverages the capability of health IT to improve the quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of health care.


The Health IT Portfolio provides research results, lessons learned and other resources that help clinicians, patients, and hospitals as well as some implementers, vendors, and policymakers stay abreast of what’s working in health IT settings around the Nation.

Settings of Care

Health IT Portfolio-funded projects focus on a range of settings including, but not limited to, patients’ homes, and ambulatory, inpatient, and long-term care settings.

Grants and contracts from the Health IT Portfolio have been awarded to—

  • 178 distinct institutions
  • 46 States as well as Washington, D.C.
  • 271 unique principal investigators

Participating Agencies and Institutions

AHRQ and its community of contractors and grantees have developed tools, resources, and reports describing research findings, best practices, and lessons learned to help health care organizations plan for, implement, and evaluate health IT. These tools describe and recommend strategies for addressing some of the common challenges organizations encounter when working with health IT systems.  These materials are made available primarily through the National Resource Center for Health IT Web Site.

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