AHRQ Research: Staff Contacts

AHRQ welcomes inquiries regarding the Agency's current areas of research interest. Direct your questions regarding program matters to the AHRQ staff listed below.

Address for General Correspondence

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

AHRQ Portfolios of Research

AHRQ Research Priority Staff Point of Contact Phone Email
Make health care safer Margie Shofer (301) 427-1696 Margie.Shofer@ahrq.hhs.gov
Increase accessibility Amy Taylor (301) 427-1660 Amy.Taylor@ahrq.hhs.gov
Improve health care affordability, efficiency and cost transparency Brent Sandmeyer (301) 427-1441 Brent.Sandmeyer@ahrq.hhs.gov
Geralyn Goins (301) 427-1419 Geri.Goins@ahrq.hhs.gov


AHRQ Priority Populations

Priority Population Point of Contact Phone Email
Minority Health Kamila Mistry (301) 427-1012 Kamila.Mistry@ahrq.hhs.gov
Children's Health Kamila Mistry (301) 427-1012 Kamila.Mistry@ahrq.hhs.gov
Populations with Disabilities Kamila Mistry (301) 427-1012 Kamila.Mistry@ahrq.hhs.gov
Women's Health, Men's Health, and Gender Research Camille Fabiyi (301) 427-1559 Camille.Fabiyi@ahrq.hhs.gov
Inner City and Low Income Populations Health Francis Chesley (301) 427-1524 Francis.Chesley@ahrq.hhs.gov
Rural Health Erin Grace (301) 427-1580 Erin.Grace@ahrq.hhs.gov


Selected AHRQ Areas of Research Interest

Areas of Interest Point of Contact Phone Email
Health Information Technology (Health IT) CDR Derrick Wyatt (301) 427-1505 DigitalHealthcareResearch@ahrq.hhs.gov
Healthcare-Associated Infections James Cleeman (301) 427-1330 James.Cleeman@ahrq.hhs.gov
Simulation in Healthcare David Rodrick (301) 427-1876 David.Rodrick@ahrq.hhs.gov


AHRQ Data Sources

Data Source Point of Contact Phone Email
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) Household Component Doris Lefkowitz (301) 427-1477 Doris.Lefkowitz@ahrq.hhs.gov
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) Nursing Home Component Jeffrey Rhoades (301) 427-1471 Jeffrey.Rhoades@ahrq.hhs.gov
Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) HCUP User Support (866)-290-HCUP (4287) hcup@ahrq.hhs.gov


AHRQ Extramural Research

Data Source Point of Contact Phone Email
Extramural Research Francis Chesley (301) 427-1524 Francis.Chesley@ahrq.hhs.gov
Receipt and Referral Kathryn Marron, Ph.D. (301) 427-1554 Kathryn.Marron@ahrq.hhs.gov
Business / Fiscal Matters George Gardner,
Grants Management Officer
(301) 427-1450 George.Gardner@ahrq.hhs.gov
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