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AHRQ leaders write blog posts that draw from Agency data and research to explore changes in the U.S. health system. Blog posts examine how AHRQ-supported evidence makes health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable.


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Now Online from AHRQ—Evidence-Based Tools for Improving Primary Care
12/03/2018 Advancing the Science of Moving Research into Practice
11/13/2018 Keeping AHRQ’s Focus on Patients in a Rapidly Evolving Digital World
11/01/2018 Taking a Deep Data Dive into Health Insurance Coverage
10/29/2018 AHRQ Step Up Challenge: With First-Phase Winners Identified, the Competition Intensifies!
10/23/2018 A Fresh Look at the Data Shows Patient Safety Improving Overall, With Improvement Still Needed in Many Areas
10/12/2018 Seeking Applications to Curb the Public Health Impact of Unhealthy Alcohol Use
10/05/2018 Caring for the Healers
10/03/2018 An Exciting Step Forward: New Support for the Next Generation of Learning-Health-System Researchers
9/26/2018 Preventing One Million Heart Attacks and Strokes: Start With the ABCS
9/24/2018 State Snapshots Provide a Fresh Look at State-Specific Health Care Quality Trends
9/20/2018 Pulling Back the Curtain on the Casualties of Today's Opioids Crisis
9/14/2018 Apply by September 24 for AHRQ’s New App Development Challenge!
9/11/2018 Realizing Simulation’s Potential to Improve Health Care Delivery
9/06/2018 It's That Time of Year: AHRQ Seeks Topic Suggestions for Future Evidence Reviews
8/13/2018 New App Development Challenge Advances Care Through Patient Self-Assessments
7/18/2018 A Tip of the Cap to Researchers' Outstanding Use of AHRQ Data
6/28/2018 At New Steering Committee, a Revitalized Commitment to Patient Safety
6/27/2018 AcademyHealth ARM and AHRQ: Finding Innovative Solutions To Better Understand, Implement Research
6/25/2018 Developing a Health Services Research Agenda To Combat the Opioid Crisis
6/21/2018 The Future of HSR: Beginning a Dialog with the Field
6/19/2018 Shifting Focus: Non-Opioid Strategies For Chronic Pain
6/07/2018 One Clear Path to Better Health: Wider Participation in Preventive Services
5/24/2018 Looking Ahead: Continuing To Build AHRQ's Future
5/11/2018 AHRQ Employees Exemplify Public Service
5/07/2018 Today’s Nurses: Poised to Fill Needs in Primary Care
5/01/2018 AHRQ Dives Into a Dialogue With Health Data Community
4/24/2018 AHRQ Keeps Working To Reduce Health Disparities
4/19/2018 Engage With AHRQ at the 2018 Health Datapalooza Conference
4/13/2018 Evaluating New Evidence to Improve Asthma Care and Quality of Life
4/10/2018 Research from AHRQ’s EvidenceNOW Initiative Sets the Stage for Advances in Primary Care
3/29/2018 Learning Health Systems: Continuing The Conversation
3/22/2018 Digging Into County-Level Hospital Statistics To Understand the Impact of Opioids
3/19/2018 Bringing the Patient Voice to Evidence Generation: Patient Engagement in Disease Registries
3/15/2018 New Tools for Ambulatory Patient Safety
3/12/2018 Patient Safety: Distinct Roles, One Goal
3/07/2018 Building a Future for Shared Clinical Decision Support
2/28/2018 Waging the Battle Against Adverse Drug Events
2/14/2018 AHRQ Stands Ready To Assist Secretary Azar in the Fight Against Opioid Epidemic
2/08/2018 AHRQ’s EvidenceNOW Initiative: Reducing Primary Care Patients’ Risk of Heart Attacks
2/06/2018 Innovation and the Search for Health Care's Tipping Point
2/01/2018 Embracing Evidence as a Central Strategy to Tackling Childhood Mental Illness
1/17/2018 From Hype to Reality: How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Transform Health and Healthcare
1/08/2018 AHRQ Intensifies the Battle Against Opioid Misuse in 2017, Commits to More Progress in 2018
AHRQ 2.0: The Importance of Data-Informed Insights
11/13/2017 Antibiotic Awareness Week: Why It Matters
11/02/2017 Taking a Closer Look—State-by-State—at Health Care Quality
10/31/2017 Joining the Battle Against Opioid Addiction in Rural Communities
10/23/2017 Funding the Next Generation of Learning-Health-System Researchers
10/19/2017 AHRQ's Ongoing Support for the Fight Against Breast Cancer
10/17/2017 AHRQ 2.0: Strategies for Creating Value in the Digital Age
9/29/2017 Widening the Circle of Support for Learning Health Systems
9/26/2017 A New Era for TeamSTEPPS
9/21/2017 AHRQ's Role in Combating Obesity
9/18/2017 Addressing Complexity: The AHRQ Series on Complex Interventions
9/14/2017 With AHRQ’s New Compendium, Researchers and Policymakers Gain Fresh Insights into Nation’s Health Systems
9/11/2017 Healthcare Simulation Research Helps Lower Risks, Keep Patients Safer
8/30/2017 Pulling Together In a Time of Need
8/23/2017 Providing a State-by-State Picture of the Nation's Opioids Crisis
8/15/2017 The Data Are In: Health Care Quality Continues to Improve, But Disparities Persist
8/07/2017 AHRQ 2.0: Reimagining Our Path to Better and Safer Health Care
7/24/2017 Combatting the Burnout Epidemic
7/21/2017 Improving Antibiotic Use: Helping Health Care Professionals Preserve Life-Saving Treatments for Tomorrow and Beyond
7/11/2017 AHRQ and the National Academy of Medicine: A Shared Enthusiasm for Learning Health Systems
6/27/2017 Next Steps to Improving Diagnostic Safety
6/23/2017 Change and the Road Ahead for AHRQ
6/20/2017 Shining a Spotlight on the Opioid Crisis Through the Power of Data
6/08/2017 Momentum Is Building for Health Systems That "Learn"
5/26/2017 Helping Families Navigate the Challenges of Autism
5/17/2017 Providing The Tools To Improve Women's Health Care
5/09/2017 Embracing the Joy in Nursing
5/03/2017 New Toolkit Extends Proven Safety Measures to Ambulatory Surgery Centers
4/27/2017 Health Datapalooza: That's Our Kind of Party!
4/20/2017 Supporting Internists in Improving Primary Care
4/06/2017 AHRQ Works for Public Health
3/16/2017 Helping Hospitals Improve the Safety of Patients Undergoing Surgery
3/15/2017 Health IT’s Role in Patient Safety, Patient-centered Care, and Learning Health Systems
3/14/2017 Help for Nursing Homes in Fighting HAIs
3/13/2017 AHRQ and NPSF: #UnitedforPatientSafety
2/21/2017 AHRQ’s EvidenceNOW: Putting Heart Health into Practice
1/18/2017 Bringing Moneyball to Medicine
1/12/2017 You’re Invited: Join Our Conversation about Learning Health Care Systems
AHRQ Data Prove What Every Hospital Knows: Opioid Stays Are Going Up
12/12/2016 We're Keeping Score: Reducing Hospital-Acquired Conditions
12/02/2016 AHRQ’s Role in Improving Care for Patients With Multiple Chronic Conditions
11/14/2016 Supporting Learning Health Systems
11/01/2016 AHRQ’s Simulation Dictionary: A New Tool To Support Patient Safety Efforts
10/27/2016 It’s Prime Time for Nursing Homes: New AHRQ Antimicrobial Stewardship Guide Available
10/26/2016 AHRQ Quality and Safety Review System
10/25/2016 New System Aims To Improve Patient Safety Monitoring
10/19/2016 Taking Steps To Protect Safety in Ambulatory Care
10/13/2016 World Thrombosis Day: An Ideal Time to Use AHRQ Tools to Help Prevent Blood Clots
10/11/2016 AHRQ Acknowledges 50 Years of Accomplishments by the Nation’s Physician Assistants
10/06/2016 Improving Diagnosis: Patient Safety’s Next Great Frontier
9/30/2016 Working To Prevent and Eliminate MRSA Infections
9/29/2016 Comparing Health Systems: AHRQ’s Signature Effort To Improve Patient Care
9/27/2016 Making Care Transitions Safer: The Pivotal Role of Nurses
9/14/2016 Moving Evidence Into Practice by Innovating Care Delivery
9/07/2016 AHRQ’s Unique Role in Developing Surveys to Measure Patients’ Experience With Their Health Care
9/06/2016 AHRQ Summit to Highlight Challenges, Strategies to Improving Diagnostic Safety
8/22/2016 Create Positive Change—Lead From the Middle
7/26/2016 Emerging Infections: A National Patient Safety Challenge
7/19/2016 Evidence in Action: AHRQ Reports Adding to the Momentum for Evidence-Based Care
6/28/2016 AHRQ Dissemination and Implementation Initiative Demonstrates Ongoing Importance of PCOR
6/24/2016 Preparing for the 2016 AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting—And the Future of Health Services Research
5/23/2016 CANDOR and the Importance of Honesty
5/20/2016 Working Together to Tackle Health Care’s "Voltage Drops"
5/19/2016 Health Datapalooza Highlights Key Challenges for Ongoing Research
5/17/2016 Pilot Testing Patient Reporting of Safety Events from the Patient and Family Perspective
5/12/2016 AHRQ Research Advances Shared Decisionmaking Strategies for Ethnic Minority LGBT Populations
5/11/2016 AHRQ Supports Hospitals As They Make Care Safer
5/10/2016 New Decision Aids Support Shared Decisionmaking for Lung Cancer Screening
5/09/2016 AHRQ Leads Efforts to Prevent Nursing Home Pressure Ulcers
5/06/2016 Strengthening AHRQ’s Role in Preventing Medical Errors
5/02/2016 AHRQ Report Shows Gains in Access to and Affordability of Health Insurance
4/18/2016 AHRQ Supports 21st Century Primary Caring
4/08/2016 AHRQ Research Advances New Approaches to Public Reporting
4/05/2016 AHRQ’s Ongoing Contribution to Improving Public Health
3/15/2016 Bridging Efforts to Improve Patient Safety and Public Health
3/14/2016 Making Primary Care Safer with TeamSTEPPS® for Office-Based Care
3/08/2016 New Models Shift Focus to Paying for Quality of Care
2/26/2016 The Patient Safety Landscape: How Patient Safety Organizations Are Leading the Charge To Improve Care
2/25/2016 Leaving AHRQ With Pride in its Successful Efforts to Improve American Health Care
2/22/2016 Mastectomies, Especially Double Mastectomies, On the Rise
2/18/2016 Putting Our Heart into Improving Heart Health
2/09/2016 Can Electronic Health Records Prevent Harm to Patients?
2/01/2016 EvidenceNOW: Helping Primary Care Offices Keep Their Resolutions To Put Evidence Into Practice
1/05/2016 Changes in Work Hours and Employer Insurance Not Borne Out
AHRQ Provides Evidence on Drugs in CMS Dashboard
12/03/2015 Sustained Efforts Continue Drop in National Rate of Hospital-Acquired Conditions
11/20/2015 New AHRQ Database Tracks Hospital Readmission Rates
10/09/2015 U.S. Hospital-Acquired Conditions Drop by 17 Percent Over Three Years: Progress Made; Work Remains
10/02/2015 AHRQ: Making Health Care Safer and Higher Quality for Every American
9/24/2015 New Coalition Broadens Efforts to Reduce Diagnostic Errors
9/23/2015 New Report Outlines Goals and Recommendations to Reduce Diagnostic Errors
9/18/2015 AHRQ Raises Budget Cap for Large Grants
9/11/2015 Opioids Take Increasing Toll on Mothers and Newborns
9/03/2015 Challenges, Promises for Health Care Quality Measurement
8/12/2015 AHRQ Data Show Regional Variations in Employer Health Insurance
7/23/2015 A New Tool to Analyze Hospital Discharge Data
6/16/2015 New AHRQ-funded Centers to Study Health Systems' Efforts to Disseminate PCOR
4/30/2015 Patient Safety Measures and Safety Culture Improving, but Gaps Remain
4/20/2015 New AHRQ Report Shows Patient Safety and Access Improvements, but Disparities Remain
3/17/2015 AHRQ Issue Brief Shows How Simulation Can Help Protect Ebola Patients, Health Care Workers
3/11/2015 Fewer Young Adults Rely on the Emergency Department for Routine Care
AHRQ Data and New Guide Highlight Need To Reduce Medicaid Readmissions
12/02/2014 AHRQ Data Show HAC Rate Continues To Decline
10/20/2014 Measuring Coding Intensity in the Medicare Advantage Program
10/09/2014 AHRQ Data Reveal Wider Impact of Opioid Overuse
8/28/2014 Insurance Coverage Data Creates Baseline for Affordable Care Act's Impact
Internet Citation: AHRQ Views. Content last reviewed March 2018. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. http://www.ahrq.gov/news/blog/ahrqviews/index.html