Recently Funded Dissertation Grants

List of recently funded dissertation grants.
Institution Title Anticipated Completion
Bender, Annah R36 HS22818-01 Washington University, St. Louis Rural Primary Health Care Providers Response to Intimate Partner Violence and Survivors 2/28/2015
Benitez, Joseph 1 R36 HS023053-01 University of Illinois at Chicago The Effects of Medically Underserved Area Designation on Access to Care 7/31/2015
Bennette, Caroline R36 HS023340-01 University of Washington Prioritizing Research: Evaluation of A Portfolio Management Approach In Clinical Trial Funding Decisions 6/30/2015
Caldwell, Julia R36 HS022811-01 University of California, Los Angeles Rural-Urban Healthcare Inequities: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Access to Care 9/29/2014
Cha, Susan R36 HS023724-01 Virginia Commonwealth University Reproductive Health and Behavior: the Role of Abuse and Couple Pregnancy Intent 6/30/2015
Chavez, Laura R36 HS022800-01 University of Washington Unhealthy Drinking in Older Adults: 30-day Readmissions and Emergency Care 9/29/2014
Chiou, Howard R36 HS022206-01 Emory University From Cowboys to Pit Crew: An Ethnographic Study of the Process of Implementing a Team-based Care Model on Inpatient Hospital Units 8/31/2014
Ejebe, Ifunanya R36 HS023407-01 University of Wisconsin-Madison Diabetes Self-Management Education and Associated Healthcare Use in US Adults 8/31/2015
Etter, Katherine R36 HS022393-01 Brown University Effect of Device Characteristics on Rate of Hip Replacement Revisions in the VA 11/30/2014
Grundy, Quinn R36 HS022383-01 University of California, San Francisco Exploring the Interactions Between Nurses and Industry in Clinical Practice 2/28/2015
Harrison, Andrew R36 HS22799-01 Mayo Clinic Rochester Development, Testing, and Refining the Failure to Rescue Sepsis Sniffer 11/30/2014
Hernandez, Susan R36 HS023376-01 University of Washington A First Look at PCMH for Minority Veterans: Implementation and Utilization 5/30/2015
Islam, Roosan R36 HS023349-01 University of Utah Understanding Complex Clinical Decision Tasks for Better Health IT System Design 6/30/2015
Jackman. Kevon-Mark R36 HS023057-01 Morgan State University Use of Electronic Personal Health Records as a Health Risk-reduction Discussion Tool among African American Emerging Adults 3/31/2015
Lowndes, Bethany R36 HS023146-01 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Physical and Cognitive Assessment of Conventional and Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery 11/30/2015
Kalbaugh, Corey R36 HS023728-01 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Burden Estimates and Temporal Patterns Associated with Peripheral Artery Disease 9/29/2015
Keohane, Laura R36 HS023016-01 Brown University The Impact of Medicare Hospitalizations and Deductibles on Medicaid Enrollment 9/30/2015
McGarry, Brian R36 HS023714-01 University of Rochester Effect of Individual Decision-making Abilities on Long-term Care Insurance Purchase 12/31/2015
Morris, Heather R36 HS022202-01 Virginia Commonwealth University Development of a Collaborative Goal Setting Measure for Patients with Diabetes 9/30/2014
Pelech, Daria R36 HS023477-01 Harvard Medical School The Effects of Competition on Health Insurance Generosity in Medicare Advantage 2/29/2016
Sanghavi, Prachi R36 HS22798-01 Harvard University Medical School Comparative Effectiveness of Basic and Advanced Life Support in Ambulances 1/31/2015
Silver, Michelle R36 HS022199-01A1 John Hopkins University When Less is More: Changing Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines 12/31/2014
Slota, Catherine 1 R36 HS023054-01 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Examining Patient-Provider Communication Regarding Cost in the Glaucoma Patient 8/31/2015
Stifter, Janet R36 HS023072-01 University of Illinois at Chicago Using an Electronic Health Record to Examine Nurse Continuity and Pressure Ulcers 8/31/2015
Van Parys, Jessica R36 HS23504-01 Columbia University Health Sciences Mandating Managed Care The Case of Florida Medicaid 9/29/2015
Vandigo, Joseph R36 HS022387-01A1 University of Maryland - Baltimore Impact of Medicare Contracting Reform on Colon Cancer Treatment, Survival and Costs 3/31/2015
Walker, Daniel R36 HS023343-01 Tulane University Hospital Efficiency Changes from Health Information Exchange Participation 6/30/2015
Wilcock, Andrew R36 HS023473-01 University of Minnesota Physician-Hospital Concentration and Patient Outcomes 11/9/2015
Yeung, Kai R36 HS23346-01A1 University of Washington Incentivizing Value in Managed Care Plans: Impact of a Value-Based Formulary 9/29/2015
Yuan, Christina R36 HS22201-01A1 Yale University Understanding How Social Influence and Social Networks Affect EMR Implementation 12/31/2014

Reflects dissertation grants funded through 10/21/14.

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