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As one of the 10 grantees, Oregon is working with West Virginia and Alaska in a tri-State partnership to implement projects in three of the five grant categories:

  • Showing how a core set of children's quality measures can be used to improve quality of care for children.
  • Promoting the use of health information technology (IT) to enhance service quality and care coordination.
  • Implementing a more comprehensive provider-based model of service delivery.

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Oregon's Objectives

In Oregon, a large proportion of the child population lives in rural areas and in low-income families. Oregon is working with eight practice sites in a learning collaborative focused on identifying children with special health care needs using the State's definition of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) . Oregon also will collect, report, and test the use of the initial core set of children's quality measures and improve the State's health IT infrastructure by connecting providers to health IT resources.

Working with the Initial Core Set of Children's Quality Measures

Oregon will collect, report, and test the initial core set of children's quality measures for the State's Medicaid and CHIP population by the end of the grant period. Oregon also will collect and assess an alternate set of measures that may include meaningful use measures and a group of measures operationalizing the State's definition of a medical home. The Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) , a national initiative out of the Oregon Health Sciences University, will develop an Oregon-specific quality profile by using existing population-based measures that highlight the need for quality improvement based on data from the 2011 National Survey of Children's Health and the 2009–2010 National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs.

Using Health IT to Improve Child Health Care Quality

Oregon will evaluate how the following health IT–related activities affect its ability to implement projects in the other two categories: collecting and reporting on the initial core set of children's quality measures and implementing components of a medical home: 

  • Encourage meaningful use of EHRs and personal health records (PHRs) as a communication tool.
  • Connect providers to health information exchange (HIE) resources and supports.

Assessing a Provider-Based Model of Care

Oregon is working with the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership and the Oregon Rural Practice-Based Research Network to develop a multi-year learning collaborative around Oregon's definition of Patient-Centered Primary Care Home. One key element of the learning collaborative framework will help practices identify children with special health care needs. The eight participating family and pediatric practices (five urban and three rural) will select two attributes of a medical home (out of the six included in Oregon's definition) to focus on at a given time.

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Evaluation Questions

The national evaluation team will gather information from Oregon to address a wide range of questions about the implementation and outcomes of its efforts, including:

  • How did Oregon use the tri-State collaborative to implement best practices in quality measurement and health IT applications related to children's health care?
  • To what extent did Oregon's medical home model succeed in improving the quality of health care for children?
  • What are the key lessons from Oregon's experience that would be useful for other States?

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Learn More

This information is current as of February 2014, slightly more than 4 years after the grant award. To learn more about projects that are being implemented in Oregon under the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program, please contact:

Oliver Droppers, CHIPRA Project Director
Office for Oregon Health Policy and Research
1225 Ferry St SE Salem, OR 97301

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