Benefits and Examples of Cross-Training Staff in Primary Care

Resource: Cross-Train Staff 

This overview outlines the benefits of cross-training primary care staff and provides useful examples of cross-training. It supports Key Driver 4: Create and support high functioning teams to deliver high-quality evidence-based care by expanding staff’s roles and responsibilities to create a more efficient medical practice environment.

Institution of origin: Improving Chronic Illness Care

Author(s): Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Permissions: Used with permission of Improving Chronic Illness Care.

Acknowledgements: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Publication date: January 3, 2007

Note: This Word document can be downloaded from the Web page “CCM Implementation Tools Indexed by Element,” under the element “Delivery System Design,” available here:

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Internet Citation: Benefits and Examples of Cross-Training Staff in Primary Care. Content last reviewed November 2018. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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