How to Use the CUSP Toolkit

The CUSP Toolkit can help your team learn key principles that increase safety. Once you’ve learned the basics, add-on modules can help you target certain safety issues.

The CUSP Toolkit is modular. The core CUSP Toolkit is composed of instructional material that a unit leader (facilitator) can use to teach units or teams about CUSP principles. After the core principles of CUSP are taught, the knowledge can be applied to any safety problem.

A suite of add-on modules are available to target certain safety areas. These add-on modules are built on the CUSP principles and are designed to be used in conjunction with the core CUSP Toolkit.  Add-on modules are available.

The core CUSP Toolkit and each module are built on the following framework:

  • Facilitator notes (Word® documents).
  • Slides (PowerPoint®).
  • Videos (YouTube).
  • Tools (Word documents).

Facilitator notes: The facilitator notes serve as a proposed script to accompany the module's slides. Prompts (SAY, DO, ASK) lead the facilitator through each slide's content. Facilitators can read directly from the facilitator notes or customize them to fit their team's needs.

Slides: The facilitator should show the module slides in PowerPoint's Slide Show view so links to videos are enabled. Users are free to customize the slides to fit their team's needs.

Videos: Videos are linked from the module slides, which should be shown in PowerPoint's Slide Show view to ensure the links work correctly. The facilitator notes contain questions on the videos to promote discussion among the team members. The Web site contains full and excerpted versions of the videos.

Tools: Tools that are mentioned in the modules are provided as Word documents so the team can customize them.

New CUSP users should first complete the following modules from in the core CUSP Toolkit (in order):

After learning these core principles, users can apply them to the selected safety problem. Experienced users can use the modules, or part of modules, in any order they wish.

Content Calls for the Nationwide Implementation of the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP)

These webinars occurred during first national CUSP implementation project where hospital teams pioneered the use of CUSP. That project focused on reducing central line-associated blood stream infections, Because these webinars address broad issues surrounding CUSP, they may be useful to clinical teams that want more details on how to implement CUSP.

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Internet Citation: How to Use the CUSP Toolkit. Content last reviewed July 2018. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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