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Ahluwalia SC, Damberg CL, Silverman M, et al. What defines a high-performing health system: a systematic review

Jul 10, 2017 Jt Comm J Qual Pat Saf 
Ahluwalia SC, Harris BJ, Lewis VA, et al. End-of-life care planning in accountable care organizations: associations with organizational characteristics and capabilities

May 30, 2017 Health Serv Res
Barr P, Bonasia K, Verma K, et al. Audio-/videorecording clinic visits for patient’s personal use in the United States: cross-sectional survey

Sep 12, 2018 J Med Internet Res
Briggs ADM, Alderwick H, Fisher ES Overcoming challenges to U.S. payment reform: could a place-based approach help?

Apr 17, 2018 JAMA Viewpoint
Cohen GR, Jones DJ, Heeringa J, et al. Leveraging diverse data sources to identify and describe U.S. health care delivery systems

Dec 15, 2017 eGEMs
Colla CH, Fisher ES Moving forward with ACOs: some answers, more questions

Jul 11, 2017 JAMA
Colla CH, Lewis VA, Bergquist SL, et al. Accountability across the continuum: the participation of post-acute care providers in accountable care organizations

Aug 2016 Health Serv Res
Colla CH, Lewis VA, Kao L-S, et al. Association between Medicare accountable care organization implementation and spending among clinically vulnerable beneficiaries

Aug 1, 2017 JAMA Intern Med
Comfort L, Shortell SM, Rodriguez HP, et al. Medicare accountable care organizations of diverse structures achieve comparable quality and cost performance

Jan 31, 2018 Health Serv Res
Damberg CL, Silverman M, Burgette L, et al. Are value-based incentives driving behavior change to improve value?

Feb 25, 2019 Am J Manag Care
Desai S, McWilliams JM Consequences of the 340B Drug Pricing Program

Feb 8, 2018 New Engl J Med
Diaz-Perez MJ,  Hanover RSites E, et al. Producing comparable cost and quality results from all-payer claims databases May 2019 Am J Manage Care
Fisher E, Shortell SM, Savitz L Implementation science: a potential catalyst for delivery system reform

Jan 26, 2016 JAMA
Fowler AC, Grabowski DC, Gambrel RJ, et al. Corporate investors increased common ownership in hospitals and the postacute care and hospice sectors

Sep 1, 2017 Health Aff (Millwood)
Fraze TK, Beidler LB, Briggs ADM, et al. 'Eyes in the home': ACOs use home visits to improve care management, identify needs, and reduce hospital use Jun 4, 2019 Health Aff (Millwood
Fraze T, Fisher E, Tomaino M, et al. Comparison of populations served in hospital service areas with and without comprehensive primary care plus medical homes

Sep 7, 2018 JAMA Netw Open
Fraze TK, Lewis VA, Tierney E, et al. Quality of care improves for diabetics in Medicare ACOs: organizational characteristics associated with performance

Dec 6, 2017 Popul Health Manage
Haverkamp MH, Peiris D, Mainor AJ, et al. ACOs with risk-bearing experience are likely taking steps to reduce low-value medical services

Jul 1, 2018 Am J Manage Care
Huber TP,  Rodriguez HPShortell SM The influence of leadership facilitation on relational coordination among primary care team members of accountable care organizations (abstract) Mar 2019 Health Care Manage Rev
Ivey S, Shortell SM, Rodriguez HP, et al. Patient engagement in ACO practices and patient-reported outcomes in adults with co-occurring chronic disease and mental health conditions

Jul 2018 Med Care
Kennedy G, Lewis VA, Kundu S, et al. Accountable care organizations and post-acute care: a focus on preferred SNF networks

Jul 1, 2018 Med Care Res Rev
Kranz AM, Dalton S, Damberg C, et al. Using health IT to coordinate care and improve quality in safety net clinics

Jun 18, 2018 Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf
Lewis V, Colla C, Fisher E Perspective: explaining sluggish savings under accountable care

Nov 9, 2017 New Engl J Med
Lewis VA, Fraze TK, Fisher ES, et al. ACOs serving high proportions of racial and ethnic minorities lag in quality performance

Jan 1, 2017 Health Aff (Millwood)
Lewis VA, Murray G, Colla CH The hidden roles that management partners play in accountable care organizations

Feb 3, 2018 Health Aff (Millwood)
Ly DP, Cutler DM Factors of U.S. hospitals associated with improved profit margins: an observational study

Feb 14, 2018 J Gen Intern Med
Machta RM, Maurer KA, Jones DJ, et al. A systematic review of vertical integration and quality of care, efficiency and patient-centered outcomes

Apr 2, 2018 Health Care Manage Rev
Mafi JNGodoy-Travieso PWei E, et al. Evaluation of an intervention to reduce low-value preoperative care for patients undergoing cataract surgery at a safety-net health system Mar 25, 2019 JAMA Intern Med
Miake-Lye IM, Chuang  E, Rodriguez HP, et al. Random or predictable? Adoption patterns of chronic care management practices in physician organizations

Aug 24, 2017 Implement Sci 
Mishra MK, Saunders CH, Rodriguez HP, et al. How do healthcare professionals working in accountable care organisations understand patient activation and engagement? Qualitative interviews across two time points

Oct 31, 2018 BMJ Open
Morden NE, Woloshin S, Brooks CG, et al. Trends in testosterone prescribing for age-related hypogonadism in men with and without heart disease

Dec 28, 2018 JAMA Intern Med
Norton PT, Rodriguez HP, Shortell SM, et al. Organizational influences on healthcare system adoption and use of advanced health information technology capabilities

Jan 1, 2019 Am Journal Managed Care 
Ody C, Msall L, Dafny LS, et al. Decreases in readmissions credited to Medicare's program to reduce hospital readmissions have been overstated

Jan 2019 Health Aff (Millwood) 
Ouayogodé MH, Colla CH, Lewis VA Determinants of success in Shared Savings Programs: an analysis of ACO and market characteristics

Mar 2017 Healthc (Amst)
Ouayogodé M, Meara E, Chang CH, et al. Forgotten patients: Medicare Shared Savings Program attribution omits low-service users and the dying

Jul 1, 2018 Am J Manage Care
Peiris D, Phipps-Taylor MC, Stachowski CA, et al. ACOs holding commercial contracts are larger and more efficient than noncommercial ACOs

Oct 1, 2016 Health Aff (Millwood) 
Poon BY, Shortell S, Rodriguez HP Physician practice transitions to system ownership do not result in diminished practice responsiveness to patients

Aug 2018 Health Serv Res
Roberts E, Mehrotra MD, McWilliams JM High-price and low-price physician practices do not differ significantly on care quality or efficiency

May 2017 Health Aff  
Ruddy KJ, Sangaralingham L, Freedman RA, et al. Adherence to guidelines for breast surveillance in breast cancer survivors

May 2018 J Natl Compr Canc Netw
Rumball-Smith J, Shekele P, Damberg C Electronic health record "super-users" and "under-users" in U.S. ambulatory care practices

Jan 2018 Am J Manage Care
Shortell SM, Poon BY, Ramsay PP, et al. A multilevel analysis of patient engagement and patient-reported outcomes in primary care practices of accountable care organizations

Jun 2017 J Gen Intern Med 
Singer S, Kerrissey M, Friedberg M, et al. A comprehensive theory of integration

Mar 1, 2018 Med Care Res Rev
Timbie JW, Kranz AM, Mahmud A, et al. Specialty care access for Medicaid enrollees in expansion states Mar 2019 Am J Manage Care
Woloshin S, Schwartz LM, Bagley PJ, et al. Characteristics of interim publications of randomized clinical trials and comparison with final publications

Jan 23, 2018 JAMA

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Machta RM, Furukawa, MF, Heeringa J, at al. Safety Net Hospitals in Health Systems: Variation in ACO Participation and Other Characteristics. Health Research Brief. Washington, DC: Mathematica; July 2019. Accessed July 11, 2019.

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