AHRQ Publishing and Communications Guidelines

Appendix 1-C. Video Submission Checklist

Complete this checklist and send it to the OC Managing Editor for your project. If you need to know who serves as your managing editor, email Karen Fleming-Michael.

  1. Submitter's name and email:

For items with boxes, select the appropriate box to mark it with an X. Do not mark multiple boxes.

  1. How are you submitting the files? (Select the appropriate box to mark with an X.)

☐ Email (Managing editors can facilitate access to enhanced file transfer if files are too large for email.)

☐ External hard drive

Managing editor use only: Indicate where on the S drive you saved the video, caption/transcript, and other files:

  1. How are you providing captions for the video? (AHRQ prefers .srt files.)

☐ Caption file with time stamps in a format YouTube supports

☐ Transcript file without time stamps

  1. Does the video require audio descriptions so it can be understood by users with limited sight? For example, does a webinar speaker refer to a graphic or chart in a presentation but does not describe it? (Select the appropriate box.)

☐ Yes       ☐ No

If yes, you will need to supply an additional audio description version of the video to comply with accessibility (i.e., WCAG 2.0 SC 1.2.5).

  1. Which AHRQ YouTube channel will host this video? (Select the appropriate box.)

☐ AHRQDataResources

☐ AHRQespanol

☐ AHRQHealthIT

☐ AHRQHealthTV

☐ AHRQPatientSafety

☐ AHRQPrimaryCare

☐ Other (please specify):

  1. Does the video belong in a playlist?

☐ Yes ☐ No

  1. Does the playlist currently exist? 

☐ Yes ☐ No

If yes, playlist name:

If we need to create a playlist, propose a name for the playlist and a short description:

  1. Suggested title for the video (no more than 100 characters, including spaces):
  2. Description of video. Include speaker names and dates for webinars.

Managing editor use only: Insert the .gov URL of the video at the end of the description.

  1. Suggest keywords for your video. Keywords are limited to 175 characters, including spaces and commas.
  2. What is the resolution of the video? (Minimum required: 720 x 480)
  3. Does your video have music or a soundtrack?

☐ Yes ☐ No

If yes, submit a copy of the signed license agreement for usage rights, restrictions, limitations, and expiration date to the submission email. If your music or soundtrack is in the public domain or has no restrictions, attach a letter, PDF of a web page, or other documents noting that.

  1. Is the video to be available to the public or private (unlisted)? ☐ Public ☐ Private (unlisted)
  2. When does the video need to be posted? (Date [and time, if necessary]). Note that OC prefers to have 1 week to post videos.

Managing editor use only: Provide the YouTube URL to the AHRQ Social Media team and include it here:

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