Using Multiple Strategies To Promote a Health Care Quality Report

Effective promotion of a comparative quality report requires a multi-faceted approach. Even if you have focused carefully on a particular group, you are still trying to communicate with a large and probably diverse audience. That means that there is no single place, or even small set of places, where your message can be seen or heard by all the people you want to reach. Take advantage of all the ways—all the available media and channels—to communicate your message.

Promotion is not a cookbook enterprise. It requires creative thinking. That’s why it is important for your project team to include both people who are excellent at handling highly technical and “linear” activities such as generating accurate scores as well as people who have unexpected ideas and think more “organically.”

This section discusses three key strategies:

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Page originally created February 2015
Internet Citation: Using Multiple Strategies To Promote a Health Care Quality Report. Content last reviewed July 2011. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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