Talking Quality: Reporting to Consumers on Health Care Quality

What Are the Objectives for Your Health Care Quality Report?
Why Does the Presentation of Health Care Quality Scores Matter?
Why Aren't Numbers and Graphs Sufficient for a Quality Report?
Be clear on the aims of your report, whether consumer choice, education, or improvement.
Take steps to avoid information overload.
Explain the purpose, value, and trustworthiness of the information in your report.
About TalkingQuality
TalkingQuality offers guidance on producing comparative information on health care quality that's understandable and useful to consumers.
Your Project Checklist
Download a checklist to keep track of the decisions and steps you need to take.
Examples of Comparative Reports for Consumers
Browse profiles of reports on the quality and costs of care in different settings.
Learn how a health care quality report for consumers can present quality measures and scores that are engaging, easy to understand, and easy to use.
Learn how to help consumers understand the contents of a health care quality report, how to use the information, and why using this information can be beneficial.
Learn about the considerations, options, and decisions that determine whether a health care quality report reaches its consumer audience when and where it is needed.
Promoting your report means using the tools of marketing, media relations, advertising, and outreach to make sure that people know about your report and are motivated to find it, look at it, and actually use it.
Developers of health care quality reports should conduct an evaluation to determine how effective the report was and what to do differently in the future.
Learn what you can do to make the content of your report clear and appropriate for your audience with these tips on writing a quality report.
Learn about TalkingQuality, an AHRQ site focused on supporting developers of health care quality reports for consumers.
Tips on Writing a Report on Health Care Quality for Consumers
What can you do to make the content of your report clear and appropriate for your audience?
Tips on Designing a Health Care Quality Report for Consumers
How can you use design to draw people in and help them understand and interpret the information you are providing?
Conducting Cognitive Testing for Health Care Quality Reports
How can you use cognitive testing to get feedback on your report?
Key Initiatives in Measuring and Reporting Health Care Quality
Learn about the many organizations and initiatives contributing to advances in public reporting on quality.
Presentations on Health Care Quality Reporting Topics
Listen to podcasts and review presentations focused on the development and promotion of health care quality reports for consumers.
Related Resources on Health Care Quality Reporting
Review reports and other resources on health care quality reporting from AHRQ and other organizations.
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