Describing Health Care Quality Measures in User-Friendly Ways

Most people are not familiar with even quite common health care quality measures. The typical “name” of most clinical measures is in medical language that many people do not understand or may actually misunderstand. At this stage in the development of comparative quality reports for the public, sponsors need to take extra steps to ensure that users fully and accurately understand the measures being presented.

This section describes how to:

Coming up with labels and definitions and testing them is time consuming. If you are using commonly reported measures, you may want to begin by looking at existing reports and talking to their developers to see if you really need to start from scratch. In some cases, measure developers have provided tested labels and definitions.

Learn how to test measure labels and definitions with your audience in The Purpose and Process of Cognitive Testing.

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Page last reviewed March 2016
Page originally created February 2015
Internet Citation: Describing Health Care Quality Measures in User-Friendly Ways. Content last reviewed March 2016. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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