Organizing Quality Measures To Reduce Information Overload

As the number of available quality measures grows, report designers face the challenge of providing a great deal of information without overwhelming the user. In addition, individual users of the report may be interested in different measures, so they need a quick and easy way to find the information they really care about. One goal of the report designer is to organize the measures so that people have an intuitive sense of what they are likely to find in each section of the report.

This section describes a variety of ways to organize your measures into more digestible “chunks,” both to reduce information overload and to help people find just what they want.

In some cases, it may be possible to organize measures by more than one dimension. For example, one might initially categorize by quality domains, and then group measures within a domain by diagnosis or condition.

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Page originally created February 2015
Internet Citation: Organizing Quality Measures To Reduce Information Overload. Content last reviewed March 2016. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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