Evaluating the Process of Creating and Promoting a Quality Report

An evaluation of the process you went through to develop, release, and promote your report can help you identify which aspects worked well. Just as important, you can learn which ones did not work as well and what could or should be done differently.

A good process evaluation is not designed to get you a “grade.” It is designed to help you learn and improve by answering a number of important questions.

Questions About the Planning Process

Questions About the Development of the Report

Questions About the Distribution and Promotion of Your Report

Evaluation in the Early Stages

To refine your efforts, you can also evaluate the process in its early stages, which would include both the design and development stages as well as the first few months after the report is released. Evaluators refer to this early-stage investigation as a formative evaluation. The audience for a formative evaluation is typically the people doing the work and those who oversee them directly. While a formative evaluation should focus on your processes, it is also helpful to try to get early indicators of your results.

You might want to undertake a formative evaluation to address these questions:

  • Is your plan being carried out?
  • How is the process affecting your stakeholders in the short term?
  • Did you choose the right audience and audience segment?
  • Are people seeing your report?
  • Is your report easy to understand and use?
  • Did you get initial media attention or ongoing media attention?
  • Are different advertising and outreach strategies working and which are working best?

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