Introducing a Protocol To Obtain Patient Comments Using the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (Webcast)

January 26, 2017


This Webcast introduced a new set of five open-ended questions that prompt survey respondents to tell a clear and comprehensive story about their experiences with their health care provider and the staff in his or her office. These questions, called the Patient Narrative Elicitation Protocol (beta version), are available for use with the CAHPS Clinician & Group Survey (CG-CAHPS). The speakers reviewed the purpose of the questions, described the development and testing process, and offered recommendations for implementation. Attendees also heard from an organization that has administered these open-ended questions as part of its CG-CAHPS Survey.

Speakers and PowerPoint Slides

Mark Schlesinger, Ph.D.

Mark Schlesinger, Ph.D.
Professor of Health Policy and a fellow of the Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Yale University

Presentation slides (PDF, 1.08 MB)


Lise Rybowski, M.B.A.

Lise Rybowski, M.B.A.
The Severyn Group

Presentation slides (PDF, 268 KB)


Barbra Rabson, M.P.H.

Barbra Rabson, M.P.H.
President and CEO
Massachusetts Health Quality Partners

Presentation slides (PDF, 408 KB)


Dale Shaller, M.P.A.

Dale Shaller, M.P.A.
Shaller Consulting Group (Moderator)

Introduction Presentation slides (PDF, 513 KB)
Closing Presentation slides (PDF, 194 KB)





Read the transcript of the Webcast (PDF, 334 KB)

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