SOPS Research Datasets

Surveys on Patient Safety Culture (SOPS) Database Research Datasets

In response to requests from researchers interested in using data from the AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture for research purposes, AHRQ has established a process whereby researchers can request de-identified and hospital-identifiable data files from the AHRQ SOPS Databases.

The Surveys on Patient Safety Culture™ (SOPS™) Databases currently include:

  • Hospital SOPS survey data.
  • Medical Office SOPS survey data.
  • Nursing Home SOPS survey data.
  • Community Pharmacy SOPS survey data.

De-Identified Data Requests

Researchers interested in obtaining de-identified SOPS survey data from the SOPS Database must submit a completed De-Identified Research Abstract Form and signed Data Release Agreement.


Requests will be fulfilled year-round. On average, the time from receipt of request to release of data is up to 45 days.

Hospital-Identifiable Data Requests

For the Hospital SOPS Database only, hospital-identifiable data files may be made available, which can include data from the database that contain hospital identifiers, such as hospital name, address, and Medicare Provider ID. Hospital-identifiable data files do not identify individual respondents within hospitals. Valid purposes for using the hospital-identifiable data do not include the use of the data for public reporting, proprietary, commercial, or competitive purposes involving those participating organizations, or to determine the rights, benefits, or privileges of organizations participating in the database.

Researchers interested in obtaining hospital-identifiable data must submit a completed Hospital-Identifiable Research Abstract Form and Confidentiality Agreement. Requests will be reviewed and must be approved by AHRQ. Hospital-identifiable data are only provided to researchers with the express written authorization of hospitals that have submitted to the database. All approved data requests will be submitted to those database hospitals that have not provided written preapproval for the release of their hospital-identifiable data. Database hospitals will review the data requests and decide whether to authorize release of their hospital-identifiable data to each data requester on a case-by-case basis.


AHRQ accepts hospital-identifiable data requests year-round but only sends approved requests to database hospitals once a year. Typically, hospitals are given 12 weeks to provide written authorization for the release of their data. Once written authorization is received, it typically takes another 12 weeks to release the identifiable data to data requesters.

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Page originally created September 2014
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