Create Your Report

Learn about the main steps in the process of developing a report card on quality:Cycle representing steps in producing a quality report: Create is highlighted.

  • Selecting the quality measures you will report.
  • Translating the data on quality into information that people can use.
  • Explaining what’s in your report and how to use it.

Select Measures To Report

What measures of quality can you include in a report card? Which of those measures are right for you? Read this section to learn about quality measures and how you can find the data you want to report.

Translate Data Into Information

How do you present comparative data on quality in a way that will make sense to people? Read this section to learn how to display and describe measures and data so that the users of your report can understand and use the information.

Explain and Motivate

What do people need to know about the comparative quality information you have provided? How do you provide that information so that the users of your report can actually find what they want? Read this section to learn what to tell users and how to support them in applying the information to their decisions.

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