CAHPS ECHO Survey Measures

For more information: Reporting Measures from the CAHPS® ECHO Survey (PDF, 48 KB)

Getting Treatment Quickly

Q3   Get help by telephone
Q5   Get urgent treatment as soon as needed
Q7   Get appointment as soon as wanted

How Well Clinicians Communicate

Q11   Clinicians listen carefully
Q12   Clinicians explain things
Q13   Clinicians show respect
Q14   Clinicians spend enough time
Q15   Feel safe with clinicians
Q18   Involved as much as you wanted in treatment

Getting Treatment and Information From the Plan or MBHO

Q43 (MCO only)   Getting clinician happy with
Q39 (MBHO)/Q45 (MCO)   Delays in treatment while wait for plan approval
Q46 (MCO only)   Problem getting necessary treatment
Q48 (MCO only)   Understanding information about treatment in written materials or on the Internet
Q41 (MBHO)/Q50 (MCO)   Helpfulness of customer service
Q52 (MCO only)   Filling out paperwork

Perceived Improvement

Q31   Compare ability to deal with daily problems to 1 year ago
Q32   Compare ability to deal with social situations to 1 year ago
Q33   Compare ability to accomplish things to 1 year ago
Q34   Compare ability to deal with symptoms or problems to 1 year ago

Information About Treatment Options

Q20   Told about self-help or consumer run programs
Q21   Told about different treatments that are available for condition

Rating of Counseling and Treatment

Q28   Overall rating of counseling and treatment

Rating of Health Plan (MCO only)

Q53 (MCO only)   Overall rating of health plan

Office Wait

Q10   Seen within 15 minutes of appointment time

Told About Medication Side Effects

Q17   Told about side effects of medication

Including Family and Friends

Q19   Talk about including family and friends in treatment

Information To Manage Condition

Q22   Given as much information as wanted to manage condition

Patient Rights Information

Q23   Given information about rights as a patient

Patient Feels He or She Could Refuse Treatment

Q24   Patient feels that he or she could refuse a specific type of treatment


Q25   Confident about privacy of treatment information

Cultural Competency

Q27   Care responsive to cultural needs

Amount Helped

Q29   Amount helped by treatment

Treatment After Benefits Are Used Up

Q37 (MBHO)/Q41 (MCO)   Plan provides information about how to get treatment after benefits are used up

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