CAHPS Nursing Home Family Member Survey Measures

For more information: Patient Experience Measures from the CAHPS Nursing Home Family Member Survey (PDF, 620 KB)

Nurses/Aides' Kindness/Respect Towards Resident

Q12        Nurses/Aides treat resident with courtesy and respect
Q13        Nurses/Aides treat resident with kindness
Q14        Nurses/Aides really cared about resident
Q24        Nurses/Aides appropriate with resident displaying behavioral problems
Q15        Nurses/Aides rude to resident

Meeting Basic Needs: Help with Eating, Drinking, and Toileting

Q17        Waiting too long for help with eating
Q19        Waiting too long for help with drinking
Q21        Waiting too long for help with toileting

Nursing Home Provides Information/Encourages Respondent Involvement

Q26        Nurses/Aides give respondent timely information about resident
Q27        Nurses/Aides' explanation to respondent easy to understand
Q37        Respondent involved in decisions about care
Q42        Respondent given information about payments/expenses
Q28        Nurses/Aides discourage respondent's questions
Q35        Respondent decided not to complain

Nursing Home Staffing, Care of Belongings, and Cleanliness

Q11        Able to find a nurse or aide when wanted
Q40        Enough nurses/aides
Q29        Resident's room looks/smells clean
Q22        Resident looks/smells clean
Q30        Public areas look/smell clean
Q31        Resident's personal medical belongings damaged or lost
Q33        Resident's clothes damaged or lost

Rating of Care at Nursing Home

Q38        Overall rating of care

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